My buddy GG is the only person I know that can touch me when it comes to Michael Jackson fandom (oh, wait-there’s my homie Carlos Halston…my bad), so I shouldn’t be surprised that he posted the news about the new Michael Jackson DVD set on my Facebook page. I’d already read a handful of articles about it, including one on The Second Disc that wondered what would be on it, and came to the conclusion that I didn’t need another MJ video collection, as big a fan as I am. I already own both volumes of “HIStory” on DVD, as well as the “One” video and the “Visionary” box set.

Well, let’s just say that I’m rethinking my original plan. The 3-DVD “Vision” package will contain 40 MJ short films, including all the usual suspects in their full, unedited versions (i.e. “Thriller”, “Bad” and “Black or White”). The third disc also adds a couple of relative rarities that just might justify the purchase price. As a member of the Jacksons, Michael made very few video clips. “Blame it on the Boogie”, “Can You Feel It” and “Enjoy Yourself” will all be included, as will “Why”, the video Michael recorded with his nephews in 3T. You’ll also get the classic “Say Say Say” clip with Paul McCartney, and you’ll finally get to see the video for “One More Chance”, the clip Michael was working on when the warrant for his arrest was issued in 2003. It’s certainly intriguing, but in the age of YouTube, it’s kind of hard to say whether anyone needs to buy a collection of music videos on DVD anymore-even if they’re the videos made by the greatest music video artist of all time.

Not to say that I wouldn’t spend money on an MJ DVD going forward. My fingers are still crossed that the Triumph and Victory tours will make it to disc, and you never know: maybe the good folks at “Soul Train” or at Motown will compile a disc filled with the television performances the J5 made in the early Seventies. Oh, and there’s also the variety series the brothers starred in for two seasons. Anything other than buying something that contains the “Beat It” video for the fourth or fifth time. If you’re interested, the DVD comes out November 22nd.

Hey, how come no one thought to include this video?

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