I’m not quite sure what would possess someone to record more than one holiday album. However, more than a decade and a half after Mariah Carey released her gazillion-selling “Merry Christmas” album, the diva (who might be expecting a holiday bundle of joy herself) is once again in the holiday spirit. “Merry Christmas II You” comes out November 2nd, and Mariah is previewing the album with the new song “Oh Santa”.

While it’s probably too early to be thinking of sleigh bells and gift wrap when I still haven’t adjusted to jacket weather, I’ve gotta say that this peppy ditty might be the best thing Mariah’s recorded in half a decade. Maybe going back to the Christmas well was the best thing she could’ve done. She sounds festive and in good voice (a far cry from last year’s “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel”-an album on which she sounded dull and listless).

Check out “Oh Santa” on Mariah’s website.

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