If I said that the reason I haven’t followed up my Madonna series on this here site was that I’d been busy working on the Popdose Guide to Ice Cube, would you believe me? No? Well, damn it. I tried.

Anyway, when the site’s esteemed editor-in-chief Jeff Giles approached me with the idea of assisting him with this series, I jumped at the opportunity. I was pretty familiar with the majority of Ice Cube’s catalog, even though I cringed at the thought of having to listen to some of his more recent work (i.e. anything since “Lethal Injection”). Let’s face it, the guy’s a legend-but his music has gone down the shitter ever since he “went Hollywood”. I’m also eternally grateful to Jeff for not forcing me (or even asking me) to listen to any of the Westside Connection albums.  Anyway, enjoy the series!

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