You gay dudes know the deal. Or maybe you don’t. You see a woman on the street, or in a bar…she’s incredibly attractive, has a great attitude, funny as all hell. Unfortunately, because of whatever cruel trick nature has played on you, you just don’t have the urge to have sex with her, so all you can do is enjoy her company and say to yourself “man, if I was straight…”. No? That’s just me?

Anyhow, I don’t think all gay guys are cut from the same cloth. I’m not trying to get into the whole nature vs. nurture vs. choice argument (at least right now), and obviously there are some who identify more with females and some that are “guy’s guys” in every sense of the term. If I was hetero (and richer, and famous, and a WHOLE lot better looking), I’d like to think that these are the women I’d want to go after-or at least good examples of the TYPE of woman I’d go after.

A quality I like more than anything (no matter the sex of the person) is the ability to be a straight shooter. It’s a quality I envy. Not that I’m a dishonest person, but I definitely take a long time to consider what I’m saying before I allow it to pass through my lips. Alecia Moore seems like the type of chick who talks first, considers later. Actually, something tells me she’s not even concerned enough with what people think to consider what she’s saying. I love her whole badass attitude-it doesn’t seem like she would have much use for soft guys. Something tells me she can fix her own cars, grill her own burgers and take care of herself if any asshole tried to make an unwanted play on her.

She’s also adorable and can sing her ass off. I wasn’t much of a fan until I saw her opening for Lenny Kravitz on his “Lenny” tour in 2002. Lenny was in a foul mood and took about half the show to get cooking, but Pink was so good that I didn’t mind Lenny not being on his “A” game. As her flying trapeze act on this year’s Grammy Award show made clear, this chick is the real deal. She could’ve been just another vanilla R&B-singing gimmick (with pink hair), but a decade-plus later, she’s still making hits, and that says something.

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