It was only a few short days ago that I posted Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” video on my Facebook page and joined in a comment conversation that contemplated her whereabouts and wondered how long we’d have to wait for a new album by the piano-playing siren. After all, the last time Ms. Apple released an album, it was back in 2005 (that said, “Extraordinary Machine” was worth the wait). My friend and fellow blogger JayVee speculated that Fiona had moved on to a happier place in her life and maybe just wasn’t feeling music anymore.

Thankfully, that appears to not be the case (the not feeling music part, not the happier place part…I certainly hope she’s happier, although I wonder if that will negatively affect her music). Anyway, the blogosphere was abuzz with the news that Fiona was working on her fourth studio album, which is tentatively set for a spring 2011 release. Hopefully, she doesn’t have to deal with the record company shenanigans that delayed “Extraordinary Machine” and ultimately led to a free-the-album protest. Based on her body of work so far, though, I’ve gotta say that even though she makes us wait ridiculously long periods of time for new music, her albums have always been worth the wait.

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