I’ve gotta admit, y’all: Drake is winning (has won?) me over. When you’re associated with Lil Wayne, you have a long way to go to get me to even respect you. Add in Drake’s decidedly un-hip hop past and the overactive hype machine and the side eye was in full effect. However, the best solution for skepticism is good product. And Drake’s “Thank Me Later” is good. Not great, but solidly good. Perhaps the best album I’ve ever heard on a Cash Money-associated label (although, granted, the bar is low).

The latest musical effort from Drake is a comedic bit with late night host Jimmy Kimmel. Drake takes it back back to his “DeGrassi” roots with a video set in a high school hallway. He and the always-hilarious Kimmel then join forces for a little ditty entitled “Tweet Tweet”. Nope, the song isn’t about the Missy Elliott protege who sings “Oops-Oh My” (how crappy is it that she didn’t come out just five or six years later?). It’s about the Twitter phenomenon…the celebrity Twitter phenomenon that’s taken over the internets.

It’s no “I’m Fucking Ben Affleck” (the hilarious short from about two years ago), or even the Handsome Men’s Club from earlier this year, but it’s still a fun piece to watch. If I was capable of staying up past midnight most nights, Kimmel would give Jimmy Fallon a run for his money when it comes to late-night TV watching.  Drake has a certain low-key charisma that translates quite well on the small screen (duh, I guess…), and the charm almost makes you forget that he has about five times the standard Godly requirement of eyebrows. Want to start your morning out with a laugh? Click on this clip.

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