In an interview, with a British newspaper called The Daily Mirror, Prince declared the internet “dead”. The legendary performer, who is prone to making completely befuddling public statements, stated that the reason he wasn’t making his new music available via digital venues is because “all these computers and digital gadgets are no good. They just fill your head with numbers and that can’t be good for you”. So says the man who has at various times, sued internet fan sites for spreading his music on it (ostensibly because he wasn’t getting paid for the use of his music) and went on a lengthy public rant against Warner Brothers for stifling his creativity and not properly promoting his albums. Let’s see: money and album sales both have numerical value. Considering the status of his sanity, maybe he’s on to something about too many numbers not being good for you.

Something is obviously in the water in the U.K., as pop superstar George Michael was arrested this weekend for a driving infraction. Apparently, the “Faith” singer, no stranger to issues with the law, plowed into the front of a photo shop while driving his range rover. He’d only recently gotten his license back after it was suspended back in 2007. At that time, he was nicked for a DUI. No one is telling whether Georgie Boy-a known pothead who was also popped for crack possession a couple years back, was stoned this time, but I know that if I’m ever at a party with the guy and he volunteers to take me home, I’ll take my chances with a cab.

Proving that the substance-addicted apple doesn’t fall far from the substance-addicted tree, Lindsay Lohan was just sentenced to a jail sentence resulting from a probation violation. Too bad her dad can’t show her around the premises.


Major League Baseball is allowing you to vote for one of ten players (5 in each league) for the final spot on each team’s All Star squad. Now, I’m not as much of an MLB fan as I was in my teenage years (or even as much as I was in the Yankees’ late Nineties salad days), but two of the folks up for the American League spot are worth voting for: Nick Swisher and Kevin Youkilis. Swisher brings a cool personality vibe to the Yanks, most of whom are either certified A-holes (Mr. Rodriguez, step to the plate) or are completely personality deficient (I love you, Derek Jeter. But…). Meanwhile, Youk is all heart, all business and all hustle all the time. And I think he might be the only Sox player who’s not hurt right now. Granted, Yank fans and Sox fans are supposed to be at odds, but as a New Yorker who lives in Boston, I give props to both men. If I could split the vote, I would.

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