I do not participate in NCAA basketball brackets anymore-that shit is WAY too unpredictable. Plus, I had a much better handle on college ball when I was younger, and back then you could actually see players develop over a four year period, and it wasn’t just a forum for ball players to advertise their wares for a year or two before they turned pro.

Anyway, if Kansas’s loss hasn’t deterred you forever from looking at another bracket-type setup, check out what my friends at The Round Table have done. They’ve matched 32 wildly divergent musical artists against one another for a bit of a fun exercise. Check it out, you might get turned on to some new music.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that MTV had also joined the March Madness fray. With 65 bands competing, this is pretty expansive. Maybe this is something I might try next March-although if Michael Jackson doesn’t win, then I’m shutting the site down (KIDDING)!!

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