This Tiger Woods cheating thing has amused me for several months now. I am glad that he decided to man up, held a press conference, apologized to his wife and family, and is trying to move on with his life.

I’m not really sure why there was this big public outcry. The man is rich and famous. Women throw themselves at him left and right (let’s also consider how much pussy he’d be getting thrown at him if he was good looking! Can you imagine the draws that Kobe is capable of getting?). 95% of men are gonna throw caution to the wind and take advantage. Was Tiger wrong for cheating on his wife? Absolutely. I believe that if you make a vow to be faithful, you should be faithful (I also believe that monogamy is unnatural, but that’s another story for another time…). Nevertheless, why is anyone surprised that dude cheated?

The whole sex rehab thing tickles me to no end. Yes, you can definitely be addicted to sex. But I’m not sure this was a case of sex addiction so much as it was the unlimited access to pussy. I mean, if Tiger really was a sex addict, he’d be out trolling for sex George Michael-style (doing whatever straight folks do in that type of situation). And does “rehab” take? I don’t know how much a rehabilitation program is going to help you when the willpower to keep your dick in your pants regardless of how much ass presents itself can only be provided by you, know what I’m saying?

At any rate, the dude said he was sorry. Let him go back to playing golf.  People like him because he’s a great golfer. Don’t hold the guy to a standard you probably wouldn’t even hold yourself to, or at least be forgiving towards the man’s mistake. Most people that are being critical wouldn’t hesitate to unbutton their pants if presented with the same situation. Let’s stop being hypocrites.

That said, this video is pretty funny.

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