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Blerd Radio Presents: The Jheri Curl Chronicles Podcast (Episode 13)

Blerd Radio Presents: The Jheri Curl Chronicles Podcast (Episode 13)

DeBarge hits Number One for the first time, and we discuss #1s from Chaka and Miss Patti in the latest Jheri Curl Chronicles podcast.

Jheri Curl Special: Ranking Every #1 R&B Hit Of The ’80s From Worst To First (20-11)

Jheri Curl Special: Ranking Every #1 R&B Hit Of The ’80s From Worst To First (20-11)

We give it up for DeBarge in the next-to-last installment of our ranking of each #1 R&B hit of the ’80s.

Flyte Brothers 23: Patti LaBelle's "The Right Kinda Lover"

Flyte Brothers 23: Patti LaBelle’s “The Right Kinda Lover”

Miss Patti joins forces with Jimmy & Terry in the latest Flyte Brothers column.

Jheri Curl Special: Ranking Every #1 R&B Hit Of The ’80s From Worst To First (100-91)

Jheri Curl Special: Ranking Every #1 R&B Hit Of The ’80s From Worst To First (100-91)

Miss Patti and Mr. McD share love in the latest installment of our #1 R&B list…we’re in the home stretch!!

The Poet Rests: R.I.P. Bobby Womack

The Poet Rests: R.I.P. Bobby Womack

The legendary Bobby Womack passed away yesterday, and we take a second to show him some appreciation.

BlerdTube - The Arsenio Hall Show

BlerdTube – The Arsenio Hall Show

The Popblerd crew (and friends) remember their favorite moments from the original Arsenio Hall Show.

Blerditorial: Who is the Real Queen of Soul?

You can’t mention Aretha Franklin without hearing the term “Queen of Soul”. It’s a term bestowed upon her by fans and peers alike and it has stuck to the point that she believes her own press. Much as I love Aretha, though (and I really do), I don’t know that she is far and away the undisputed Queen. I’m certainly not gonna throw anyone obscure into the conversation. Diana Ross is more of a pop vocalist than a soul vocalist, […]

Award Show Sundays: New Jill Swing Edition

Even back in 1993, it might not have been the greatest idea to have CeCe Peniston and Mary J. Blige sharing a six-minute stretch on the Soul Train Music Awards. But it happened, and we have proof! When this segment aired, CeCe had just been anointed as the new dance diva. Her hit “Finally” was all over the radio at the end of ’91 and beginning of ’92, and her debut album’s third single, “Keep on Walkin’” helped the diva-in-training […]

Award Show Sundays Special: The 2011 BET Awards Live Blog

It’s been a minute since we live-blogged an awards show around these parts. I gave some consideration to doing some commentary on the Billboard Music Awards, but got pulled into another direction-a move that turned out to be a wise one (since all of the clips I saw from the show and all of the commentary I saw on social media was lukewarm.) I have a love-hate relationship with the BET Awards (to say nothing of my largely HATE relationship […]

Blerd’s Notes: A Guide to the Music of Prince: The Side Projects

Besides being an overall bad-ass, another thing Prince is well-known for is his stable of side projects.The desire to be known as a developer of talent in addition to being known as a talent himself ran strong in the little guy, and Prince started spitting out proteges almost as soon as he became a hit artist. Some of the artists went on to create great music (if not have lengthy careers), while other artists came and went in the blink […]

Popblerd (Sort of) LiveBlogs the 10th Annual BET Awards

Sometimes it pays to have other plans. The 10th Annual BET Award ceremony is tonight. Now, normally, I live blog these things so I can share in the shocks and horrors along with everyone else. This time, I had to work (yes, on a Sunday night. I know, right?), so watching the show live isn’t an option. Thank God for DVR. Now I can still deliver snark, but I can speed through the show in half the time! The BET […]

People All Over the World…

Last Saturday, VH-1 premiered “Soul Train: The Hippest Trip in America”, a documentary paying tribute to a show that’s an integral part of black history, music history, and black music history. In the days before BET and MTV (and even during the years when MTV existed but played next to nothing by black artists), “Soul Train” was just about the only place to go to see R&B, funk and hip-hop artists performing their hits on television. In addition, Don Cornelius’s […]