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Travis, Where You Stand: Album Review

Travis, Where You Stand: Album Review

I continue to ‘date’ myself the longer I continue doing reviews on this site.  Do you remember such 90’s radio gems as ‘All I Wanna Do is Rock,’ ‘Tied to the 90’s,’ ‘Why Does it Always Rain on Me,’ or ‘Sing?’  If you do then you’re in for a pleasant surprise because THAT band is back with a brand new album that takes all of those great moments in the band’s early history and carries on the legacy that began […]

Fran Healy Talks Goin’ Solo, Future of Travis in New Video

Scottish outfit Travis was one of those bands who got signed in the wake of the 90s Britpop invasion that kinda never was, at least not on these shores. While they’ve been best sellers in the UK for over a decade, they never made a major impact on British shores. A damn shame, in my opinion, ’cause I’d take “The Man Who” or “12 Memories” over anything by Oasis (except for maybe “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory”) in a heartbeat. […]

New Release Report 10/5/10: Imagining Lennon Reissues

Following last year’s Beatles reissues, the folks at EMI/Capitol are commemorating what would have been the 70th birthday of the great John Lennon by remastering and reissuing his entire eight-album catalog. If you have the scratch and/or are a tremendous Lennon fan, there is also the 11-disc [amazon-product text=”Signature Box” tracking_id=”popblerdcom-20″ type=”text”]B003TVMIDO[/amazon-product]  that contains just about everything the man ever recorded and released. As John Lennon is one of the most iconic figures in popular music, I can think of […]