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Blerd Radio 2014 | Episode 7: St. Patty's Potpourri

Blerd Radio 2014 | Episode 7: St. Patty’s Potpourri

The latest episode of Blerd Radio co-stars’s Bill Bodkin and an assortment of pop culture topics.

“American Idol”: Now What?

“American Idol” is still the highest-rated show on TV. However, it’s coming off a season during which the quality of contestants was the worst it’s ever been. The four-judge panel wasn’t exactly working out, either. Simon Cowell physically and mentally checked out at the beginning of the season, and Ellen DeGeneres seemed like something of an odd fit. So…shit is about to be shaken up. Cowell’s already out the door, DeGeneres abruptly quit earlier this week, and while there’s been […]