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Sweet Chin Muzak – 5 Predictions For The 2012 Season

I don’t like the new Opening Day. I liked it much more when Opening Day started on Monday and half the teams would play and then on Tuesday, the other half of the teams would play. This season, the Oakland A’s and Seattle Mariners “opened” the season in Japan over a week ago and then came back to play more exhibition games. How odd is that? The St. Louis Cardinals and newly named Miami Marlins “opened” the season yet again […]

Sweet Chin Muzak – A Look Back At My New Year’s Predictions

At the beginning of the year, I made some New Year’s Predictions and came back a month later with more . I wrote them with the intention of looking back at them near the end of the baseball season to see how off hilarious they’d look after the fact. Well, we have one month left in the baseball season, so it’s as good a time as any to take a look. The Giants won’t win the NL West in 2011 Of course, my first […]

Sweet Chin Muzak – Four Aces And Joe Blanton

Sports Illustrated’s 2011 Baseball Preview featured an entire starting rotation of one team on the cover. But it wasn’t the starting rotation of the defending world champs. It was the starting rotation of the team the San Francisco Giants beat in the NLCS, the Philadelphia Phillies. Last year, the Phillies traded for Roy Halladay and during the middle of the season, traded for Roy Oswalt. And this year, they signed free agent Cliff Lee. Cole Hamels was now their fourth best starter and Joe Blanton […]

Sweet Chin Muzak – New Year’s Predictions Part 1

To preface what this is about, it’s simply a bunch of quick thought predictions. I will probably go back on some of them before the baseball season starts, but as of today, it’s how I’m feeling. I’m going off the cuff y’all. I’ll do part two later in January. Even though the NFL always owns this time of the year, and LeBron, DWade and the Heat (Heatles?) are showing glimpses of what we haven’t seen from two great wing players […]

Sweet Chin Muzak: Remembering The World Series

I’ll have a brand new column next week looking at 2011, but I felt this was a perfect time to remember what 2010 meant to me and my family as San Francisco Giants fans. I first started following baseball closely when I was just 8 years old. The year was 1984 and the Giants were terrible. Just awful. I did get to go to the 1984 All-Star game which was played at Candlestick Park. Now THAT was a windy day. […]

Sweet Chin Muzak: On Cliff Lee And Benjamins

The 2nd Sweet Chin Muzak column explores the signing of Cliff Lee by the Philadelphia Phillies and why he spurned offers from his former team, the Texas Rangers, as well as the powerhouse New York Yankees.

Sweet Chin Muzak: On The World Series Champs And Derek Jeter

In Popblerd’s first “Sweet Chin Muzak” column, GG talks about Cliff Lee’s erroneous designation as baseball’s best postseason pitcher and the unnecessary Derek Jeter negotiations.