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New Release Report 6/12/12: Usher, Rush, Bobby Womack & More

New Release Report 6/12/12: Usher, Rush, Bobby Womack & More

The members of Rush make their triumphant return this week with a new album! Find out what other artists are releasing projects in our latest New Release Report!

The Singles Bar: Bobby Womack's "Please Forgive My Heart"

The Singles Bar: Bobby Womack’s “Please Forgive My Heart”

Bruce Springsteen sings “we take care of our own,” but it’s obvious that when he does so, he’s not talking about young soul musicians in reference to older soul musicians. It’s not often that you hear today’s soul and hip-hop musicians (with the exception of someone like Questlove) lending a hand to the older generation to bring the music that inspired them to perform to a younger generation. It’s often left to rock musicians to bring artists like Solomon Burke [...]

TVOne Announces New Subjects For Season 6 of "UnSung"

TVOne Announces New Subjects For Season 6 of “UnSung”

TVOne’s documentary series “UnSung” is gearing up for season #6, and a 10-episode run is scheduled to begin right after we ring in 2012. If you are a fan of soul music, you need to be watching these excellently crafted documentaries, which concentrate on artist that haven’t really gotten their just due. Here’s a rundown of the latest group of subjects. Each episode promises to be filled with drama, tragedy and some fantastic music. Vesta Williams (January 2) A mainstay [...]

Another Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame Rant?

Well, not exactly. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame doesn’t interest me enough to really care about it. I don’t know how long the induction ceremony has been televised, but I can say I’ve never watched it for more than, like, 5 minutes. Nope, not even when The J5 or Michael Jackson was inducted (although, to be fair, I didn’t have cable at that point). I happened upon the ceremony last night as I was channel-surfing. I saw Wyclef [...]