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Blerd’s Notes: A Comprehensive Guide to the Music of Duran Duran (Part One)

With the recent release of “All You Need is Now”, Duran Duran has entered their fourth decade of recording. The Birmingham, England-based band was at the forefront of the music video revolution, combining a flair for the visual with art-rock and disco influences and becoming one of the Eighties’ most iconic bands. Despite a series of personnel switches over the years, Duran has maintained a level of popularity over the years that’s only rivaled by the biggest names of the […]

The New Release Report 4/20/10: DWI (Divas with Issues)

There’s not too many things I like more than damaged people. I guess people who are damaged but try to act like they aren’t kinda piss me off, but people who revel in their damaged-ness? That’s my kinda party. I won’t go into detail about Shelby Lynne and her troubles on this page. I will say that I’m madly in love with her, and that love was reinforced when I met her backstage after a concert a few years ago […]