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Spin Cycle: Craig Finn's "Clear Heart Full Eyes"

Spin Cycle: Craig Finn’s “Clear Heart Full Eyes”

Craig Finn’s new solo album is out tomorrow. Does it measure up to the standard set by The Hold Steady’s catalog?

The Singles Bar: Craig Finn’s “Honolulu Blues”

The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn takes a break from his band with a new solo single. Curious about what it sounds like? Click here and listen!

Metal Monday Volume 34 (9.5.11)

Every song on MonstrO’s debut is a deeply layered opus. From the opening wail of “Fantasma” through the gentle chord fade out of 8-minute closer “April”, MonstrO deliver a solid album comprised of seasoned veterans who’ve been through the motions before and have the musical chemistry to guarantee staying power. Look at the line-up: There’s ex-Torche axemaster Juan Montoya, ex-Bloodsimple members Kyle Sanders on bass and Bevan Davies on drums along with vocalist/guitarist Charlie Suarez. Then you have their first album (available […]