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bLISTerd Presents: Brittany's Top 11 Albums of 2011

bLISTerd Presents: Brittany’s Top 11 Albums of 2011

Okay, I’ll admit it- I didn’t listen to a lot of music released this year. I can’t really explain why- I think partially it was because I was listening to some of the albums released last year still (because Sufjan Stevens’ Age of Adz is still my favorite from 2010), and the other reason is probably because I tend to procrastinate when it comes to buying/listening to new albums anyway. For example: Bon Iver’s self-titled release (which is on the […]

Pass The Popcorn: “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn”

As you’re probably already aware of, the latest Twilight movie, “Breaking Dawn: Part 1” was recently released in theaters. The fourth (and second to last) movie in the Twilight Saga tells the story of vampire, Edward Cullen, and his mortal fiancée, Bella Swan, finally tying the knot. Since I have this sort of OCD thing going where I can’t start a series without finishing it (so yes, I’m admitting that I’ve seen all the other Twilight movies…shut up), I went […]

The Popblerd Chart Report 11/17/11: Wait,Who?

Who is this dude and why does he have the #1 album in the country?

The Black Keys Go Hollywood!?!

Never have I wanted to see a movie so bad. In the flurry of entertainment news in the past few days ( Arnold Schwarzenegger back in HollywoodThe new Lady Gaga singleX-Men: First Class trailer premiere !), the one that stood out the most for me was the Howlin’ For You trailer. But, wait! It’s set to The Black Keys song of the same name and…is that The Black Keys in the trailer? Is it a trailer? Is it a music video? Who cares! It’s awesome. While I do still miss Frank the Funkasaurus Rex , I will never say a bad […]

Chart Chat 7/7/10: Mid-Year Report

Surprising no one, Eminem’s “Recovery” maintains a second week on top of Billboard’s album chart. Perhaps surprising some folks, “Recovery” experiences a less steep second-week decline than usual, moving a still healthy 313,000 units. This vaults it over the million sold mark in only 2 weeks. It is only the fifth album in 2010 to cross the million-sold threshold. Beginning a series of quiet weeks in the music industry, the highest debut is the third effort from R&B singer/songwriter The-Dream. […]

Chart Stalker 6/16/10: Aguilera Fail? Lil Jon FAIL!!!!

Please join me in welcoming the “Glee” cast back to the #1 spot on the Billboard album charts. The “Journey to Regionals” EP, which arrived on the same day that the hit show aired it’s season finale, claims the top rung on this week’s Billboard 200 with an impressive 152,000 units sold. It’s the third “Glee”-related album to top the charts in the past eight weeks, which has got to be some kind of record. Right behind it is the […]

Chart Stalker 6/9/10: Jack Johnson Provides a Semblance of Order

One thing I should have mentioned in last week’s column is that it was the lowest week of recorded music sales in the Soundscan era, which goes back almost 20 years. Yes, we know there’s been a downturn in paid consumption of music over the last decade, but this is pretty much rock bottom, I think. Hopefully there’s nowhere to go from here but up. We’d be looking at an even worse week this week if not for Jack Johnson. […]

New Release Report 6/8/10: Christina Aguilera-Bionic Woman

Looks like things are starting to heat up again on the new release front, with albums out from a variety of current and former superstar artists. First on the list is Christina Aguilera with her fifth English-language studio, non-holiday album. “Bionic” is the title, and if you’re an Xtina fan, you probably don’t need me to tell you about the album’s direction. After all, she’s been talking about it ever since she debuted “Keeps Gettin’ Better” on the VMAs two […]

Chartstalker 3/26/10: All Good Things…

In an industry starved for good news, the fact that at least one album had sold over 100,000 copies in every week of 2010 was a ray of sunshine. However, this week, the streak comes to an end. Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” tops the Billboard album chart with 93,000 copies. Granted, that total is pretty solid for an album that is now in it’s eighth chart week-but still, it’s not six figures. Thankfully, there will be at least three […]