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Chart Stalker: Throne Maintained; Weezy & Drake’s Domination

This week’s Billboard album chart has a familiar ring to it: Jay-Z and Kanye West hold the #1 spot for a second week with Watch The Throne. Featuring the hit single “Otis”, the hip-hop superstar summit rings up another 177,000 units in sales this week. It sells more than double the quantity of the week’s #2 album, which is–looky looky–Adele’s 21. Now riding the wave of a second hit single (“Someone Like You” hits the Top 40 this week), Adele’s […]

Chart Stalker 8/19/11: Are We Already Out of Throne Jokes?

Surprising no one, Jay-Z and Kanye West debut at the top of Billboard’s album charts this week with Watch The Throne. The highly anticipated wap cowabbowation (sorry, that was my RZA voice) scores 2011’s second-biggest first week, after Lady GaGa’s Born This Way (which is still holding on at #18). Unlike GaGa, Jay and ‘Ye didn’t benefit from special pricing at a digital account. Actually, it could be argued that Throne was a limited release. It was available for half […]

Chart Stalker 5/11/11: Adele Fends Off All Comers…Again

So, Adele’s 21 is turning into quite the juggernaut. In a week when tons of superstar albums came out (8 albums debuted in the Top Ten), the British R&B singer retains her stranglehold on the top of the Billboard charts, with another 155,000 albums sold. In addition, the set’s first single, “Rolling in the Deep”, finally makes it to the top of Billboard’s Top Digital Songs chart and probably would’ve already been #1 on the overall Hot 100 singles chart […]

Chart Stalker 4/21/11: Grohl’s Revenge

Dave Grohl, for me, has always been one of the most likeable guys in rock. ┬áThere are no “Grohl is a tool” stories (that I’m aware of)-he looks and acts like a fairly normal guy, and I think he holds the same appeal for most other music fans. Which is why I, like so many other music fans, am extremely psyched that the Foo Fighters score their first #1 album EVER with Wasting Light‘s entry this week. 16 years after […]

Chart Stalker 3/23/11: Positively Glee-ful

Here’s your weekly wrap-up on the interesting happenings on the Billboard charts. Top 200 Albums: Adele bounces back to the #1 spot on the Billboard 200 with 21. It’s spent three of it’s first four weeks at the top spot and has easily cruised over 750,000 albums sold. The British songstress adds another 98K to her total this week. Hardcore band Rise Against scores the biggest first week of their career, arriving at #2 with their latest effort, Endgame. It […]

Chart Stalker 3/10/11: The British Femmes Have It

Let’s give it up for Adele, folks. Her sophomore album, 21, hangs on for a second week at #1 on the Billboard albums chart, with an impressive tally of 168,000 copies sold. Following last week’s 2011-high first week, it officially brings the British vocalist over the half a million mark and gives her the year’s best selling album after only two weeks in stores. It’s also gotten notice for jumping over the million sold mark in her native England, although […]

Chart Stalker 2/16/10: Now! A Ray of Sunshine

Lookie, lookie! Our first six-figure total of 2011 has arrived, and it only took two months for it to happen! (Sarcasm, folks). The 37th volume of the venerable “Now That’s What I Call Music” series takes the top spot on this week’s Billboard Album chart with 151,000 copies sold. It’s by far the best sales week of the year for any album, and it’s also the best sales week for the “Now” franchise in quite some time. This week’s chart […]

Chart Stalker!: It’s Britney, Bitch!

Welcome to another week of “how low can you go” on the Billboard album charts. Cake’s Showroom of Compassion takes the #1 spot with a paltry 44,000 units sold. It’s the California band’s first chart-topper, and a notable achievement considering their six year absence, however, scoring a #1 album with a number that’s half if not a third the number of the average #1 album is somewhat dubious. Cake scores one of four debuts in this week’s Top 20. Kentucky […]

Chart Stalker 6/3/10: Yawns All Around

So some musical stuff happened last week and no one cared. Want proof? Just look at this week’s Billboard charts. Once upon a time, Stone Temple Pilots were one of America’s hottest rock bands. Their first three albums all sold over a million copies. After lead singer Scott Weiland left the band, he joined the all-star supergroup Velvet Revolver, and THEIR debut album went multi-platinum. After leaving VR, he then rejoined STP. Their latest album came out last week, and…sold […]