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The Blerd Radio Podcast 2016 | Episode 11: "Speaking In Tongues"

The Blerd Radio Podcast 2016 | Episode 11: “Speaking In Tongues”

Get your big suit on and join me, Dr. Z and Michael Parr for the latest episode of the Blerd Radio podcast. In this installment, the three of us are talking about 1983’s Speaking In Tongues, the most commercially successful studio album by new wave legends Talking Heads. A million-seller, Tongues was an MTV favorite that spawned the quartet’s only top ten pop single, “Burning Down The House”. It also spawned a host of warmly remembered songs that have become […]

Blerd Radio Episode 9: …But Seriously

For Blerd Radio’s 9th episode, I’m joined for the second consecutive show by Grampaw Jimmy . We’re also joined by my friend P. Dizzle, who decided to call in from the Left Coast and drop a little science on our asses. The first half of the show takes a serious tone, as we discuss the recent spate of bullying/homophobia-related suicides that have taken place. We discuss the bullying that’s taken place in our own lives, and the two people on the podcast […]

Tom Tom Club Brings Their “Genius” to Boston

It’s not very often that you get a front-row seat to rock and roll royalty, which is why I jumped at the chance to see Tom Tom Club when I heard that their tour was rolling through Boston. While the average person may only remember TTC from their 1982 classic “Genius of Love”, the truth is that even though commercial success has eluded the band since their debut, they’ve gone on to¬† record four additional albums. Of course, we can’t […]

WTFF: Liz Phair’s “Bollywood”

Because I’m weird, I have to say that I didn’t really “get” Liz Phair until she sold out. Yeah, I read Spin and all those alt-monthlies that called Liz hot shit on a stick when “Exile in Guyville” came out. Didn’t one of those rags name it Album of the Year or something? Despite the tons of press, she only garnered my attention in fits and starts-until “Why Can’t I?” became the biggest radio hit of her career.