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Popblerd's 2013 Grammy Awards Preview & Predictions Part 2: Rap

Popblerd’s 2013 Grammy Awards Preview & Predictions Part 2: Rap

‘Ye and Jay adding more Grammy hardware to their already prodigious totals? That shit cray.

Kanye Leads Nominees For The 2012 BET Awards

Kanye Leads Nominees For The 2012 BET Awards

Yeezy scores 7 nominations for this year’s BET Awards. His homie Jay-Z is up next with six. Read on to find out who else got nominated.

The Singles Bar: Kanye West’s “Theraflu”

A) I hate DJ Khaled B) I’ll tolerate him for some Kanye. Mr. West dropped a surprise on us, with a new track entitled “Theraflu.” It sounds much more cookie-cutter hip-hop than his usual material, but the track is still pretty solid. ‘Ye gets a few shots in at Amber Rose and Kris Humphries, and sounds a bit more angry than we’ve become accustomed to hearing him lately. Don’t know if this is the lead single from an upcoming album-there […]

WTFF? Katy Perry Tackles “Ns in Paris”

I have no words for this. I mean, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be, but still…does Katy Perry need to be covering Jay-Z & Kanye West? And let’s face it, “N***as in Paris” isn’t the world’s greatest song to begin with. She must have done this because she knew it would go viral…and here’s my ass posting it. Fine. You win, Katy Perry. YOU. WIN. …and apparently this cover was performed in London? SMH. That shit […]

We Saw It!: Jay-Z & Kanye West In Boston 11/21/11

We Saw It!: Jay-Z & Kanye West In Boston 11/21/11

Can two of hip-hop’s finest rock an arena show. Take a look at our review of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Watch The Throne” tour date in Boston.

New Release Report 8/9/11: The Throne Has Arrived

Actually, it arrived yesterday, and I’m late. The highly anticipated full-length collaboration between mega-rappers Jay-Z and Kanye West, Watch the Throne, arrived at 12:01 Monday morning, and is already generating copious amounts of buzz around the internets. With guest appearances from Frank Ocean and Beyonce and production shots from Q-Tip and Pete Rock (not to mention Yeezy himself), Throne has hip-hop album of the year written all over it. It’s currently only available digitally, but a physical edition arrives at […]

“Watch the Throne” Album Coming Soon! Documentary Now!! And Tour Dates!

Got 10 minutes to spare? If you’re a Kanye West or a Jay-Z fan, you might want to have a look at the short film that was recently released, documenting their collaborative effort, Watch the Throne (out in one week). Of course, 10 minutes is nowhere near long enough to provide anything in-depth, but the mini-doc is pretty entertaining. Jay does much of the talking, and it’s cool to catch them (along with Jay’s wife Beyonce) in relatively unguarded moments-especially […]