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Blerd Radio Presents: The Jheri Curl Chronicles Podcast (Episode 7)

Blerd Radio Presents: The Jheri Curl Chronicles Podcast (Episode 7)

This time around, we’re checking out some #2s from the post-disco era, including two songs by Michael and his brothers.

Blerd Radio Presents: The Jheri Curl Chronicles Podcast (Episode 2)

Blerd Radio Presents: The Jheri Curl Chronicles Podcast (Episode 2)

Miss Ross is just one of the featured artists in the second edition of the Jheri Curl Chronicles podcast.

Underrated Song Of The Day: Teddy Pendergrass's "Believe In Love"

Underrated Song Of The Day: Teddy Pendergrass’s “Believe In Love”

Get your summer seduction on with the Teddy Bear.

The Popblerd Halftime Report: Mike D.'s Best Reissues of the Year (So Far)

The Popblerd Halftime Report: Mike D.’s Best Reissues of the Year (So Far)

The best reissues, remasters and box sets of the first half of 2012, picked by Mike Duquette of The Second Disc.

Discography Fever: Whitney Houston (Part 1 of 2)

Discography Fever: Whitney Houston (Part 1 of 2)

Part one of our look at Whitney Houston’s discography.

Spin Cycle: Stephanie Mills’ “Feel The Fire: The 20th Century Collection”

Generally, I leave the reissue-oriented stuff to my brother Mike Duquette and his site The Second Disc , but occasionally, there is a compilation or reissue that catches my eye enough to want to write something about it. I’ve got to say, Hip-O Select has been killing it with the reissues of late. Pulling from the archives of Universal Music, the company that distributes (or has distributed) MCA, Geffen, Def Jam, A&M and Motown (among other influential labels), they certainly have plenty of source material […]

Blerd Appreciation: TVOne’s “Unsung”

Everyone has a story, they say. It seems that some of the more interesting life stories are those of celebrities. Actually, that’s not true-I know some regular people whose life stories would knock your socks off. So it’s probably better to say that celebrities have the forum by which they can have their stories told. It would be very easy to call the TVOne Network’s series “Unsung” an R&B version of VH-1’s “Behind the Music”. Truthfully, it kind of *is*. […]

Moonlighting: “The Best of Soul Train” DVD on ESD Music!

When I found out that episodes of “Soul Train” were being released on DVD, I damn near did backflips. The classic dance/performance show was a staple in my household for as long as I can remember. Even when they switched the show time from noon to 2 AM in 1982 or so, I was staying up past my bedtime and watching episodes. Before BET and before MTV started consistently playing videos by soul and rap artists, “Soul Train” was the […]

John Legend & The Roots Implore You To “Wake Up!!”

A couple weeks back, I explained how much I loved Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes’ 1976 classic “Wake Up Everybody”, and I treated you to the new remake by John Legend & the Roots featuring Melanie Fiona and Common (whew, that was a mouthful). Well, guess what folks? There’s a video now. Siting and watching the video (and listening to the song) has me filled with conflicting emotions. First is that I’m really looking forward to Legend & The […]

John Legend & the Roots Revisit a Classic: “Wake Up Everybody”

Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes’ “Wake Up Everybody” was one of those albums that grabbed my attention as a kid. Of course, kids are mesmerized by the look of something before they’re attracted to the sound of something, and that stern-looking statue on the album cover certainly caught my eye. Once I actually pulled out the album and listened to it on my Fisher-Price record player, I was mesmerized by the title track. A plea to make the world […]

Popblerd (Sort of) LiveBlogs the 10th Annual BET Awards

Sometimes it pays to have other plans. The 10th Annual BET Award ceremony is tonight. Now, normally, I live blog these things so I can share in the shocks and horrors along with everyone else. This time, I had to work (yes, on a Sunday night. I know, right?), so watching the show live isn’t an option. Thank God for DVR. Now I can still deliver snark, but I can speed through the show in half the time! The BET […]

Stephanie Mills Returns with "Yesterday" Cover, New Album

You always remember your first crush… Mine was Stephanie Mills. I was 3 when “What’cha Gonna Do with My Lovin’” came out back in ’79. “Sweet Sensation” came out the year after, and I was smitten. There was something about the voice and the attitude that caught my interest. Granted, you can’t have much of a crush when you’re a toddler, but I wanted the little lady with the big voice to be my pretend girlfriend. We could sit around […]