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Flyte Brothers 11: "The Best Things In Life Are Free"

Flyte Brothers 11: “The Best Things In Life Are Free”

Luther, Janet, here we go!!

Blerd Radio Season Whatever, Episode 2: The (Sort Of) Lost Episode

It’s Saturday, and that cold, empty feeling that comes with the work week is slowly melting away. How could it get any better? How ’bout a new episode of Blerd Radio for your ears to enjoy? This episode has a fun little history. Regular co-host Dr. Gonzo suggested a great topic about film soundtracks, but had to bow out of recording. In his absence, Big Money, Mike Duquette and Michael Parr engaged the talents of another non-Mike: Dave Lifton, noted author  and […]

The Singles Bar: Adele, "Skyfall"

The Singles Bar: Adele, “Skyfall”

Man, what can’t Adele do? 2011 saw the British soulstress release her sophomore album, 21, winning six Grammys, spending 79 weeks in Billboard‘s Top 10 (24 of them at No. 1) and selling nine million copies in the U.S. (an unheard of number by today’s sales standards – it’s the best-selling album of 2011 and 2012). Now, Adele ends her post-21 hiatus from the music industry this month with, of all things, a soundtrack song – a career move rarely taken since Lionel Richie said it for always (that’s the way it should be) . […]

Suit Up! CBS Plans the "Mother" of All TV Soundtracks

Suit Up! CBS Plans the “Mother” of All TV Soundtracks

The legendary CBS sitcom gets its own soundtrack album ahead of what may be its final year.

The Popblerd Halftime Report: Mike D.'s Best Reissues of the Year (So Far)

The Popblerd Halftime Report: Mike D.’s Best Reissues of the Year (So Far)

The best reissues, remasters and box sets of the first half of 2012, picked by Mike Duquette of The Second Disc.

Spin Cycle: The "Avengers Assemble" Soundtrack

Spin Cycle: The “Avengers Assemble” Soundtrack

“The Avengers” soundtrack brings together a bunch of rock stalwarts for an unappetizing collection. Read our review to find out how odious this album actually is.

The Singles Bar: Spring and Summer Soundtrack Songs

The Singles Bar: Spring and Summer Soundtrack Songs

Ah, the soundtrack song. It’s been a very, very long time since the theme to a movie really gripped the pop charts by the collar and refused to let go. (Interestingly, the last such occurrence may be Celine Dion’s undying “My Heart Will Go On,” the theme to 1997’s Titanic, which just broke the $2 billion dollar mark thanks to a 3-D re-release this month. But Titanic hasn’t enjoyed another weekend atop the box office charts this year like it did for 15 weeks in 1997 and 1998. […]

Spin Cycle: Pearl Jam’s “Pearl Jam Twenty”

Comprehensive and wildly varied, it is nevertheless important to note that the Cameron Crowe-helmed soundtrack to his Pearl Jam documentary is not a catch-all for the casual fan, or even a career-spanning bid to win new converts. Indeed, Cameron Crowe has been an avowed Pearl Jam fan since jump street, and his soundtrack (and, presumably, his film) reflects this – the two-disc Pearl Jam Twenty has far less in common with their proper hits compilation Rearviewmirror than with their stellar b-sides record […]

bLISTerd: Mike D.’s Best Reissues of 2011 – In with the Old

With 2011 slightly more than half over, I’m realizing that I’ve probably bought more music in those seven months than I did in all of 2010. And I bought a lot. (Seriously, does anyone have more shelves? I need them badly.) But while I’ve enjoyed a lot of new music this year (Lady Gaga and The Cars immediately spring to mind), I’ve got to give it up for the fine folks working to provide great reissues and box […]