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The Jukebox From Hell 07: “If I Were A Boy”

If you and I are friends – and if we’re not, we probably should be – you’re undoubtedly scratching your head right now, wondering why I’m about to lay into Beyonce. After all, I’ve been a vocal and unabashed fan of Lady B even before she went solo; I’ve got love for Miss Knowles (Mrs. Z?), and I don’t care who knows. She’s one of the finest pop stars of our time, a classy performer with an ear for a […]

Liza Minnelli Tackles "Single Ladies": Here's Your Comedy for the Day

In my imagination, this is how it happened: Whoever the dude (or more likely, chick) was that was A&R-ing the “Sex & the City 2” soundtrack was smoking some of that good, goodd shit, and they had a brainstorm. “You know what would be really hilarious? If we got Liza Minnelli to sing “Single Ladies” by Beyonce. Wouldn’t that be a fucking hoot?” Then the person who was in the room with him or her went “Liza who?” “Lucille #2 […]