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New Release Report 10/18/11: Get Ready To Condensate with Shelby Lynne, Patrick Stump and The Time!

Hello, late October. What do you have for me? Yet another tantalizing sea of new releases? Well, I don’t mind if I do. Shelby Lynne released her most recent album, Tears, Lies & Alibis only a year and a half ago. So what is she doing coming back so quickly? Hell if I know, but if her recent track record is any indication, the Grammy-winner’s new album, Revelation Road (her twelfth!) will be pretty damn awesome. Fall Out Boy’s Patrick […]

New Release Report 10/12/10: Weezy & Hootie: What a Combination

Aren’t there supposed to be good albums coming out now? For the second week, I find myself looking at a list of new releases not containing a single title I feel worthy of my hard-earned $10 bucks. That’s not to say the rest of you won’t find something to enjoy, though. So here are a couple of this week’s key releases. Some of you, like me, are still old school enough that we don’t buy albums digitally (actually, more people […]

The New Release Report 4/20/10: DWI (Divas with Issues)

There’s not too many things I like more than damaged people. I guess people who are damaged but try to act like they aren’t kinda piss me off, but people who revel in their damaged-ness? That’s my kinda party. I won’t go into detail about Shelby Lynne and her troubles on this page. I will say that I’m madly in love with her, and that love was reinforced when I met her backstage after a concert a few years ago […]