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Blerd Radio Presents: The Jheri Curl Chronicles Podcast-Episode 18

Blerd Radio Presents: The Jheri Curl Chronicles Podcast-Episode 18

After a bit of a hiatus, Thomas and Mike are back with a new episode of the Jheri Curl Chronicles podcast. This one backtracks slightly from Episode 17, and the twosome discuss the #2 R&B hits of 1984. What are those songs, you ask? Tina Turner “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” Did you know that Tina once shot Randy Jackson (of The Jacksons)? Jocelyn Brown “Somebody Else’s Guy” (with a correction: Angie Brown sang on Bizarre Inc’s “I’m Gonna Get You”, but the song utilized a replayed portion of Jocelyn’s […]

The Disco 100: #10-#1!!

We have reached the conclusion of our countdown of the Top 100 disco records of all time. You can backtrack and check out other entries in the series here . So this is the creme de la creme, folks. 10 guaranteed party-starters. Songs that make you feel good in your mind, your heart, and your feet. Play these records back to back and you’d better make sure you have some water nearby to re-hydrate after you sweat your ass off. If […]

The Disco 100-#20-#11: You Can Dance…For Inspiration

Now it’s getting really hot. This is the point in the countdown where you’re flailing wildly on the dance floor, completely oblivious to the fact that the rest of the crowd has stopped dancing and they’re staring at you, marvelling at your flopping around like a dead fish. You may have taken off your shirt at this point. Or your pants. In case you missed them, here’s the last ten entries in the countdown . Now, let’s move forward. Anyone care to venture a guess as […]