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Completely Random Song Of The Day: Cause & Effect's "You Think You Know Her"

Completely Random Song Of The Day: Cause & Effect’s “You Think You Know Her”

You can enjoy the silence…or you can play the lone top 40 hit for synth duo/Depeche Mode clones Cause & Effect.

Hump Day Flashback: Cause and Effect

Before I got to high school, I thought Depeche Mode was a one-hit wonder act. “People Are People” was a Top 40 hit in 1985, and then they disappeared, or so I thought for a few years. Without exposure to modern rock radio (or knowledge of what modern rock radio even WAS at that point), how the hell was I supposed to know that DM was still kickin’? My entrance into high school in 1989 broadened my world in many […]