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The Singles Bar: Anthony Hamilton’s “Scandalous”

He’s one of the best soul singers to emerge in the past decade, and he’s coming off of one of this summer’s most delightful songs-his “So in Love” duet with tourmate Jill Scott (sidebar-damn, those tickets are ‘spensive!!) What can Anthony Hamilton do for an encore? How about hitting us with a slightly more risque summer jam courtesy of his new single, “Scandalous”. With sly lyrics, a groove that’ll make you shuffle your shoulders in your seat (at least that’s […]

Who the Hell Are…Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears?

Because I live in an area where you don’t see a lot of live soul and funk, it’s become something of a treat when I do get to see an artist who knows how to bring the groove. I was fortunate enough to check out a thrilling show by Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears at the Middle East on Sunday night. Based in Austin Texas, the band’s got a solid buzz, lots of blog love and they’ve just released […]