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Rush, Donna Summer, Heart, P.E. & More: Meet The Rock Hall Class of 2013

Rush, Donna Summer, Heart, P.E. & More: Meet The Rock Hall Class of 2013

Imagine a year when the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame nominees are announced and everyone shut up? Well, that’ll never happen, but most people seem fairly cool with this year’s inducted artists, who were announced by Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers at a press conference yesterday. Let’s take a quick look at this year’s nominees-who will officially be inducted next spring. Albert King: One of two posthumous honorees (he died in ’92,) blues guitarist King didn’t have […]

New Release Report 6/12/12: Usher, Rush, Bobby Womack & More

New Release Report 6/12/12: Usher, Rush, Bobby Womack & More

The members of Rush make their triumphant return this week with a new album! Find out what other artists are releasing projects in our latest New Release Report!

The Singles Bar: Rush's "Headlong Flight"

The Singles Bar: Rush’s “Headlong Flight”

The Canadian super-power trio, Rush, are back with a new album in the works (Clockwork Angels) and a new single available.  A single that is seven minutes long.  You heard me right.  Seven.  And it’s a single.  For real. It’s called Headlong Flight.  And you know what?  It deserves to be a single…this song, despite its epic length, is catchy and features the band in their best form, really hearkening back to their glory days.  Alex Lifeson’s soloing on Headlong […]

Spin Cycle: Big Wreck "Albatross"

Spin Cycle: Big Wreck “Albatross”

For those of you who’ve never heard of Alexisonfire, Rush, Our Lady Peace or Big Wreck, I apologize now if your first exposure to Canadian rock bands was Nickelback.  Here’s the basic difference between Chad Kroeger and Ian Thornley — Ian is a musician with something to say and he’s surrounded himself with true musicians in the band Big Wreck.  Another trademark that is oft-compared is Thornley’s voice.  He will inevitably be compared to ‘that guy out of Seattle,’ who’s set […]

Moonlighting: Why the Hell Should I Like…Rush? (on Gray Flannel Suit)

About a week and a half ago, our buddy Chris presented me with a list of ten Rush songs to listen to. This list was made to suck me into the dark side give me a greater appreciation of the Canadian rock giants. Being not too familiar with their music (with the obvious exception of “Tom Sawyer”, I was pretty intrigued to check out their music. So…what did I think? Well, head on over to Gray Flannel Suit and check out my “rebuttal”, Did […]

Why the Hell Should I Like… Rush?

“Why the hell should I like… ?” is an experiment of sorts between Popblerd and The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit . What we’re going to attempt to do is to pick 10 songs from our favorite artists — one for which the other has professed dislike or disinterest — and show them why they’re wrong. Alright my man, thanks for letting me go first. I get that Rush is not everybody’s cup of tea. Over the last 20+ years of my fandom, I’ve heard all […]