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Ray LaMontagne Returns With "Hey, No Pressure"; Announces New Album

Ray LaMontagne Returns With “Hey, No Pressure”; Announces New Album

Singer/songwriter Ray LaMontagne announces a new project with the bluesy single “Hey, No Pressure”.

Adventures in Modern Mixology: Chapter 1

Adventures in Modern Mixology: Chapter 1

An excuse to talk about a bunch of awesome music I’ve started listening to in the past month, or a philosophical deconstruction of mix-making, playlisting, and the plight of the modern music fan? No, it’s the first one. From Ray LaMontagne, Michael Jackson, and British boy bands to lesser known upstarts like Alvvays, The Colourist, and Kishi Bashi, this could be the beginning of a beautiful mix-ship…

Ray LaMontagne Psychs Us All Out With Supernova

Ray LaMontagne Psychs Us All Out With Supernova

Ray LaMontagne goes slightly left (but not as left as you might think) on his Dan Auerbach-produced fifth album.

Ray LaMontagne Is Happy: I Don't Get It

Ray LaMontagne Is Happy: I Don’t Get It

Ray LaMontagne premieres the video for “Supernova” and announces new tour dates.

Ray LaMontagne's "Supernova" Is Super-Different!

Ray LaMontagne’s “Supernova” Is Super-Different!

Ray LaMontagne’s new single may surprise you.

Ray LaMontagne + Dan Auerbach: A Match Made In Heaven?

Ray LaMontagne + Dan Auerbach: A Match Made In Heaven?

Ray LaMontagne is getting ready to release a new album, with a somewhat surprising collaborator.

You Know You'd Like To Have...An Evening With Ray LaMontagne

You Know You’d Like To Have…An Evening With Ray LaMontagne

Singer/songwriter Ray LaMontagne has just announced a series of intimate, acoustic dates. Read on to check out the list of shows!

Who The Hell Is…Michael Kiwanuka?

The recent success of artists like Adele and Mumford & Sons has created a lane for artists who have a classic sound but are a little off the beaten path, sound-wise. It apparently helps if they’re British, which should create a clear lane for Michael Kiwanuka to achieve success in the U.S. when his debut, Home Again, arrives later this spring. If I’d compare Michael to anyone, I’d say he’s got a little bit of Bill Withers mixed with an […]

The Idiot Box: “Unsung” Returns and Ray LaMontagne Hits Storytellers

Lots of good stuff happening in TV world in the next couple of days. TVOne’s excellent biography series “Unsung” returns on June 6th, for starters. The series, which chronicles legends in the soul music world that haven’t gotten their proper due, has run for (I think) three seasons now (might be four) and has done brilliant episodes on the likes of DeBarge, Shalamar, Minnie Riperton, Bootsy Collins and many others. This year, they begin the season with an episode on […]

Popblerd! Presents: The Top 40 Albums of 2010 (15-11)

Before you move forward, make sure you check out the albums that have appeared on this list so far!! 16-20 25-21 30-26 35-31 40-36 Now we can move forward… 15. Of Montreal, False Priest (Polyvinyl) Crazy, crazy shit. Of Montreal’s latest album sounds like “Sign o’ the Times”-era Prince meeting Frank Zappa in a dark alley and taking lots and lots (and lots) of drugs. With assistance from left-leaning R&B vocalists like Solange and Janelle Monae, the indie-rock collective made 2010’s most delightfully eclectic album. […]

Chart Stalker 12/8/10: Here Comes Middle America!

Susan Boyle retakes the chart throne this week, selling 272,000 copies of her album “The Gift”. Meanwhile, The Black Eyed Peas debut at a disappointing #6.

Eminem, Lady Antebellum Lead Grammy Nominees

Eminem and Lady Antebellum lead the pack of Grammy nominees. The nominations were announced last night in Los Angeles.