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The Viewfinder: Sy Smith featuring Rahsaan Patterson, "Nights (Feel Like Gettin' Down)"

The Viewfinder: Sy Smith featuring Rahsaan Patterson, “Nights (Feel Like Gettin’ Down)”

Soul siren Sy Smith takes on a Billy Ocean classic, with help from one of our favorites, Rahsaan Patterson!

Blerditorial: Why Frank Ocean's Announcement Matters

Blerditorial: Why Frank Ocean’s Announcement Matters

Frank Ocean’s recent reveal has had a strong, and important impact. Here’s why it matters.

The Singles Bar: Rahsaan Patterson’s “Crazy*Juicy (Dub)”

If you read our review of Rahsaan Patterson’s Bleuphoria from a few months back, you should already be aware that he’s one of our favorite singers, and now one of our favorite songs from the album has gotten the remix treatment. In it’s original version, “Crazy (Baby)” is just fine, featuring Rah’s idiosyncratic vocals over a danceable beat highlighted by high-end synthesizer stabs and background vocals by Faith Evans and Shanice Wilson. The remix leans on a hefty sample of […]

bLISTerd: The Popblerd Staff Presents The Best Music of 2011…And Some Playlists!!

We’ve spent much of the past week looking back at the year that was, with many of the writers on staff posting their lists of their 11 favorite albums of 2011. Everything from indie rock to hip-hop got mentioned, and every writer that contributed an individual list (and a couple that didn’t) ranked their albums. Those rankings were then compiled and the result…a quick and dirty list of the site’s 40 favorite albums of the year. Suck it, Billboard! 1) […]

bLISTerd Presents: Drew's Top 11 Albums of 2011

bLISTerd Presents: Drew’s Top 11 Albums of 2011

As we reach the inevitable list-making portion of the year, all of the usual concerns arise: how to order? What was the one album of the year that stands head and shoulders above the rest? Will LMFAO come back next year, and if so, is there any way to stop that from happening? But me, I’ve got a special reason to celebrate: this year, my good buddy The Blerd roped me back into doing some more of that writing stuff […]

Spin Cycle: Van Hunt’s “What Were You Hoping For?”

Forget marching to the beat of your own drummer; Van Hunt’s got his own band, and he’s leading his feisty, wildly imaginative brand of r&b into the pop music stratosphere all by himself. To rewind, there was totally a time that the singer/songwriter had an illustrious little major-label career brewing. His first record, Van Hunt, didn’t set the world on fire, but was reasonably well-received; his second, On the Jungle Floor , is rightfully acknowledged as a classic by anyone who’s heard it. There’s […]

Spin Cycle: Rahsaan Patterson’s “Bleuphoria”

With each subsequent release, the liquid-voiced Rahsaan Patterson edges closer to the outskirts of r&b. Originally lumped in with that group of singers that formed the “neo-soul” movement in the late ’90s and early ’00s, Patterson cut his teeth on accessible (albeit very accomplished) soul throwbacks; his output this millennium isn’t overly abstract or gratingly experimental – far from it – but his willingness to expand outward and expound on his unique sensibilities have granted him immeasurable artistic success. Wines […]

New Release Report 7/19/11: In Bleuphoria

Want some soul? We got it. Want some hip-hop from Brooklyn by way of the West Indies featuring one of the TvoTR guys? We got it. Want completely generic but catchy pop/rock? We got that too? Welcome to this week’s new releases… Rahsaan Patterson-Bleuphoria For his fifth studio album, the criminally underrated soul singer has decided to call in some reinforcements. Not that he needs them, but Bleuphoria features the talents of Shanice Wilson, Faith Evans, Lalah Hathaway and Jody […]

Hear Here!: “6 A.M.” by Rahsaan Patterson

While 2011 has shaped up to be a decent year so far for music in general, there hasn’t been a whole lot of soul music that’s shaken me up so far. Aside from Marsha Ambrosius and Adele, I can’t think of one album that falls under the R&B umbrella that’s really moved me-and we’re damn near halfway through the year. Fortunately, soul assistance is on the way via albums by Jill Scott (which comes out next week), Van Hunt and […]

Hear Here!: Lalah Hathaway’s “We’re All in This Together”

Hard to believe it’s been over two decades since Lalah Hathaway stepped on the scene with her self-titled debut album and the hit single “Heaven Knows”. As with most children of entertainers, Lalah has managed to inherit the rich vocal tone of her father, the great Donny Hathaway. Unlike many children of entertainers, Lalah has managed to carve out her own niche in the R&B community, with a dedicated group of fans (including Prince, who I saw her open for […]

Before “Bleuphoria”, Rahsaan Patterson Delivers Some V-Day Treats

While you’ll certainly come across more than your fair share of Michael Jackson references on this site, you’ll also find me giving props to a great deal of artists and bands that fall just under the commercial radar these days, like Mike Doughty, El DeBarge, and Ray LaMontagne and Me’shell Ndegeocello, just to name a few. For nearly a decade and a half now, I’ve checked for Rahsaan Patterson. He is, quite simply put, the most underrated male R&B singer […]

Hear Here!: “Easier Said Than Done” by Rahsaan Patterson

Why does every blogger who knows even a little about modern soul music go apeshit over Rahsaan Patterson? Because he’s THAT. FUCKING. GOOD. Mainstream America isn’t hip to him yet (and probably never will be-their loss), but if you think about modern soul’s greatest and most consistent voices, Rah is definitely up there. And unlike most contemporary soul stars, he hasn’t yet felt the need to take a ten year break so we can miss him-thank God. Rahsaan’s new album, […]