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bLISTerd: The Best Songs By New Kids On The Block*

bLISTerd: The Best Songs By New Kids On The Block*

Danny, Donnie, Joe, Jon and Jordan’s moment in the pop spotlight was not without good material. Here’s a selection of the best from NKOTB.

Deep Cuts 02: "My Favorite Girl"

Deep Cuts 02: “My Favorite Girl”

Oh, shut up. You know you like a New Kids song or two.

New Kids on the Block 10 Album Review: NKOTB Acts Their Age

New Kids on the Block 10 Album Review: NKOTB Acts Their Age

If, during the New Kids’ heyday, you thought folks would still be talking about them in 2013, I want you to pick some lotto numbers for me.

The New Kids On The Block Unveil The Package

The New Kids On The Block Unveil The Package

What is this package business all about? The New Kids have unveiled it.

Reading Is Fundamental: New Kids on the Block Five Brothers & A Million Sisters

Reading Is Fundamental: New Kids on the Block Five Brothers & A Million Sisters

I should take offense to the title of this book. I am-somewhat unashamedly-a New Kids on the Block fan. I am also a guy. A black guy, to boot. Of course, my deficit in the heterosexuality department might explain some of my NKOTB fandom, but I’ll further confuse you by noting that I currently don’t, and never did, find Donnie, Danny, Jordan, Jonathan or even Joey dreamy, or even attractive. So, yeah, it’s weird. I’m a dude, there were no […]

“NKOTBSB”: We’ll Be Loving Them (Forever)

Here’s a bit of frightening pop-culture math for you: the first record by the New Kids on the Block came out 25 years ago. The first LP by the Backstreet Boys bowed 15 years ago. Alright, quit screaming in agony. That may not be a terribly long time in human years, but in pop-cultural terms it’s an eternity. And how are those milestones being celebrated? How else? Both boy-turned-men bands are hitting the road this summer, playing surprisingly large venues […]

Award Show Sundays: No More Games Edition

The bootylicious Jennifer Lopez was on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” earlier this week promoting her new album, Love?, as well as her judgeship on “American Idol” when Leno asked her about her first big-deal dancing gig. Lopez revealed that it was on a 1991 American Music Awards performance with pop darlings New Kids on the Block. Of course, Leno then pulled out a clip of the performance and showed it to the audience, appearing to mortify J. Lo. […]

Hear Here!: Jordan Knight’s “Let’s Go Higher”

If this was 2001 instead of 2011, I would have much higher expectations for a Jordan Knight album. After all, we would have only been two years removed from his debut solo record, in which the former New Kid paired with a future superstar by the name of Robin Thicke and, joined by the production prowess of the legendary Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, made what might still be the best album ever recorded by an ’80s/’90s boy-bander (excluding New […]

Blerd Briefs: Kanye, NKOTB & “Glee”

Y’all know how much I love Kanye West, but I fear he might be burning the candle at both ends and trying to put out too much product at once. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy has barely been out for two months, and there’s the Watch the Throne project with Jay-Z coming out. Now, reports are saying that Kanye’s got yet another album almost in the can that he plans to have out in the summer? Maybe it’s just because […]

Albums That Time Forgot: NKOTB’s “Face the Music”

Judging from what I remember from drunkenly Tweeting on New Year’s Eve (and into New Year’s morning), one of the main topics of discussion was the New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys performance on Dick Clark/Ryan Seacrest’s “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve”. It’s pretty safe to say that’s a ticket I’ll stay away from. I have no real inclination towards the Backstreet Boys’ music-it’s well-crafted but mostly forgettable, anonymous pop. When it comes to NKOTB, however, I love them despite my […]

It’s a Boy Band Explosion!: NKOTBSB to Tour This Summer

In the late Eighties and early Nineties, New Kids on the Block sold tons of records to a fanbase largely consisting of teenage and pre-teen girls. Ten years later, the Backstreet Boys sold tons of records to the same fanbase. Fast-forward another ten years, and most of those girls who were in that age range now have pre-teen and teenage girls of their own. Meanwhile, their moms are anxious to relive their youth. Conscious of all of this, the New […]