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The Viewfinder: Kanye West Releases Controversial “Monster” Video

Months after leaked versions have started to surface on Youtube, camp Kanye has officially made public his “Monster” music video. Already besieged by controversy – this video is littered with dead white women, always a sore spot for mainstream America – this spot arrives with a brand-new disclaimer, and the knowledge that you can Google a bevy of articles and petitions pleading for its demise. The clip’s divisiveness can be discussed in the comments, of course; but quality is king, […]

The Viewfinder: Kanye West’s “Monster”

Have a ghoulishly good time with Kanye West’s “Monster” video.

Hump Day Flashback: “Bang & Blame”

Today’s Hump Day Flashback was inspired by an e-mail conversation between myself and the awesomely talented and devilishly handsome Matt Wardlaw . Over the course of this conversation, it was revealed that R.E.M.’s “Monster” tour was the first arena concert I ever went to. It was a pretty mesmerizing event-Madison Square Garden, summer ’95. Several things I remember about the show: it got me to like Luscious Jackson enough that I went out and bought “Citysong” on CD single (although I never […]

A “Monster” of a Track: Delivered by Kanye & Co.

I must admit to being somewhat preoccupied the last week or so with personal pursuits, so I may have been a little late to the party when it came to Kanye West and Jay-Z announcing a joint EP. Does this mean that the release date for Kanye’s own fifth album gets pushed back? Hope not. Considering Jay-Z’s horrid track record in regards to collaboration albums (two disgustingly bad albums with R. Kelly and one not terrible but pointless album with […]