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Moby, Innocents: Album Review

Moby, Innocents: Album Review

Richard Melville Hall (aka Moby) is back with his 11th album and continues his deft broad stroke artistry utilizing electronic music as the backdrop for his tales.  For this album he’s enlisted a some interesting choices for guest vocals.  Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees, QOTSA), Wayne Coyne (The Flaming Lips) and Cold Specks are just a few of the names to drop by. He has a script and sticks to it.  The album opens with an echoed/syncopated set of notes that […]

Moby, 'A Case for Shame:' The Viewfinder Review

Moby, ‘A Case for Shame:’ The Viewfinder Review

So Moby is set to release his latest album, entitled innocents on October 1st.  I dropped by his site today and found a video for the tune ‘a case for shame,’ featuring Cold Specks.  It’s highlighted below. Listen – Moby’s coming off one of the best albums in recent years with 2011’s destroyed and he’s already collaborated with Mark Lanegan on a track for this new album.  Cold Specks is a perfect vocal fit for Moby’s style of cinematic electronic music. […]

New Release Report 6/19/12: OMG JUSTIN BIEBER OMG!!!

New Release Report 6/19/12: OMG JUSTIN BIEBER OMG!!!

Yep. The Biebs is back. His new “Believe” hits stores out today. Fiona Apple and Kenny Chesney are also back with fresh material. Read on to see who else is new this week!

bLISTerd: The 100 Best Albums of the ’90s (30-21)

A little Foo Fighters action? Dave Grohl and company have two albums in the latest installment of the ’90s best albums. See who else made the cut!

New Release Report 5/17/11: The Calm Before Storm GaGa

In the event that you’ve been living underneath a very big rock for the past several months, Lady GaGa’s Born This Way is scheduled to drop on May 23rd. Now that you know what NEXT week’s column is gonna be all about, let’s take a look at some of the albums that are coming out this week. We’ll start with Moby . Destroyed has gotten some pretty savage reviews already, but I like the bit I’ve heard thus far, so I’ll […]

Rejoining Team Moby for “Destroyed”

The more I read about Moby’s Destroyed project, the more interested I am in it. The album, which has a May 17th release date, will be accompanied by a book of photographs Moby took while touring the world. He seems like a guy who’d have a good eye for photos (whatever that means), and although I don’t buy photo books as a matter of course, I’m sure the book will be entertaining to those who do. You might wanna check […]

The Viewfinder: Moby’s “The Day”

Moby + Heather Graham= really sad video? What a waste of a hot actress! Hmph…sorry, let the demons take over for a second. Not really sure if the video for “The Day” is actually sad so much as it’s spooky. Nah, it’s equal amounts of both. In the first clip from his new album, Destroyed (which comes out in late May), Moby (who sounds all kinds of Bowie-ish in this song, IMHO) is joined by some random actress playing a […]

“Be the One” to Get Free Music from Moby

You know how I know I’m spoiled? I downloaded the Be the One EP from Moby’s website a few days ago and caught myself getting pissed because it was only three songs! I had to remind myself, “dude, it’s FREE!!” The ubiquity of Moby’s breakout album, Play (just about every song was licensed to a TV show or commercial of some sort) is now over a decade behind us (and the fact that the album’s still enjoyable after all of that […]