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40 (Or So) Playlists For 40 Years: 1991

40 (Or So) Playlists For 40 Years: 1991

Get ready to be sexed up with 1991’s playlist.

Blerd Radio 2014 | Episode 15: I Love My Dead Gay Son

Blerd Radio 2014 | Episode 15: I Love My Dead Gay Son

Spooky Electric would like to have a word with you about our latest podcast…

Who Said They're "Wack"? The Lonely Island Plan New Album

Who Said They’re “Wack”? The Lonely Island Plan New Album

Blame the incredibly long shadow of “Weird Al” Yankovic or the crop of so many dime-a-dozen parodists dropping quickly-crafted goofs on YouTube, but it always feels that The Lonely Island are criminally underrated. Sure, the trio of writer/actors Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccome and Akiva Schaeffer have earned plenty of acclaim for their daffy song satire, thanks to their beloved Digital Shorts on Saturday Night Live , where Samberg acted and Taccome wrote for several years. Some of these clips, including the ’90s R&B pastiche “ Dick in a Box ” […]

The New Release Report: 2/26/13

The New Release Report: 2/26/13

The latest Thom Yorke side project, Atoms for Peace, is one of several quality new releases out this week!

Jheri Curl Fridays Presents: The Definitive Guide To ’80s R&B: Paula Abdul

While she’s best known today as a loopy (to put it mildly) reality show judge, Paula Abdul ranked alongside Janet Jackson, Madonna and Whitney Houston as one of the biggest female pop stars of the late Eighties and early Nineties. In addition to her musical success, she was a successful choreographer, working on everything from ZZ Top music videos to “The Tracey Ullman Show.” I won’t ask what the hell Tracey Ullman needed choreography for, but whatever that was, Paula […]

New Release Report 6/21/11: “The Light of” Jill Scott & More!

BIG release week-for me anyway. There are at least four albums that will make their way into our grubby little paws by the end of the day Tuesday, representing a pretty wide range of genres. Here they are: Jill Scott The Light of the Sun-The Philly soul songstress has to make a solid album to avenge for the taste of mediocrity that lingers in my mouth after her last effort, The Real Thing. With a new label and a new […]

Spin Cycle: “Turtleneck & Chain” by The Lonely Island

It’s pretty fair to say that Andy Samberg has been one of the best things to happen to “Saturday Night Live” in the past ten years. A show that had become completely buzz-less picked up steam when Samberg started out with his Digital Shorts. Aided by his buddies Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer and celebrity cameos from everyone from Natalie Portman to Adam Levine, Samberg has provided plenty of watercooler moments over the past five years. Compiling those skits with […]

The Viewfinder: “Captain Jack Sparrow” by The Lonely Island

Those crazy cutups from The Lonely Island have struck music/comedy gold once again. This time, they’ve done it with the help of the one and only Michael Bolton. “Captain Jack Sparrow” us the latest single and video from the group’s new album, Turtleneck & Chain, which comes out tomorrow. Bolton is his usual overwrought self on the chorus, but his presence in the song’s video is completely epic. Whoever saw fit to put Bolton in a variety of different guises, […]

Jheri Curl Fridays: “That’s What Love is All About”

Michael Bolton gets a bad rap. Yeah, I said it. Even though the guy’s been rumored to be kind of a prima donna, and even though he’s gotten carried away with the vocal pyrotechnics on occasion, I’ll be the first to admit that the former Michael Bolotin can carry a tune. As overwrought as he could be, I can think of 10 or so songs from his popular era (1988-1995 or so). Granted, I can also pick out as many […]

The 5ive at 5: Top 5 Songs Featuring Kenny G. (#2)

“Duotones” was the album that turned Kenny G. into a legitimate pop star. Although instrumental pop hits were becoming a rarity, there was still enough love for “Songbird” to turn it into Kenny’s first (and I believe, only) Top 10 hit. For the follow-up, Kenny enlisted former Tower of Power vocalist Lenny Williams for “Don’t Make Me Wait for Love”. It became his second Top 40 hit on the pop chart and made a respectable showing on the R&B listing […]

The 5ive at 5: Top 5 Songs Featuring Kenny G.

I told you we were gonna start this series with a doozy. Welcome to the first installment of the 5ive at 5. I’m gonna try to post a different Top 5 list every week…and as the title should make clear, this is going to run at 5 PM, Monday through Friday. We’re kicking it off with a celebration of the musical legacy of Mr. Kenneth Gorelick. Yes, folks…we’re talkin’ ’bout that stringy-haired, sax-blowin’ guy that they call Kenny G. The […]

New Release Report 5/4/10: Nineties Redux & An Indie Rock Extravaganza!

I knew which titles I wanted to spotlight today, then I took a look at the list of this week’s releases and realized that there’s, like, 3 million albums coming out today. Then my head exploded. Fortunately, a crack team of scientists was able to locate the part of my brain that retains musical knowledge and typing skills, and I am miraculously able to type up this column for you today. Let’s start with what’s a huge day in the […]