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Lo-Pro, Disintegration Effect: Album Review

Lo-Pro, Disintegration Effect: Album Review

For a hot second I was tempted to base this review solely on the 30 second clips that were released via Amazon because my faith in Lo-Pro is that high but I felt it would ultimately be a disservice to the band and the body of work. I’m glad I waited though because while the teasers were epic in their own right, the finished product is absolutely jaw dropping. On their third album, the first thing longtime Lo-Pro fans are […]

Battlefield of the Mind soundtrack: Album Review

Battlefield of the Mind soundtrack: Album Review

Never mind the ridiculously heavy subject matter in the documentary of the same name for the moment, it’s the heavy music of Battlefield Of The Mind that has a “mind” of its’ own and sets this apart from other film companion pieces. Spearheaded by Staind’s Mike Mushok, the soundtrack features collaborations from Mushok, Dave Ellefson, Pete Murray, Troy McLawhorn, and a plethora of hard rock’s elite. Eye Empire begins with the fitting “War Isn’t Over Yet” pummeling your senses into […]

The Viewfinder: Life On Planet 9, “What Would You Say?”

The fact that there is not only new Life On Planet 9 music less than a year after their stunning debut but also the promise of a new album from vocalist Pete Murray’s other band Lo-Pro¬† (Said to be even heavier than his defunct former band Ultraspank) is nothing short of a miracle. As for Life On Planet 9, Murray and co. up the ante with “What Would You Say?” by turning up the emotion and the atmosphere. Amidst the […]

bLISTerd Presents: Jesse's Top 11 Albums of  2011

bLISTerd Presents: Jesse’s Top 11 Albums of 2011

Hey there! How ya doin’? It’s the end of the year, and we’re starting to put up lists of the best albums of the year. Mike Doughty? He’s on Jesse’s list. Why don’t ya click and see who else made the cut?

Support Good Music in 2011: Chapter 6 (Life On Planet 9)

I need to preface this with a statement: I am biased when it comes to vocalist Pete Murray and any of the projects he is involved in. On my top vocalists of all time list, he’s in the Top 5. Easily. His work in Ultraspank, Lo-Pro, and now Life on Planet 9 are astounding and, unfortunately, largely overlooked by the mainstream. To think that someone capable of such aggression on Ultraspank classics like “Burnt” and “Jackass” could transition and pull off moments of beauty […]