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My Tumblr Blog...Five Star Jamz

My Tumblr Blog…Five Star Jamz

I’m talking about every single 5-star song in my iTunes library. Take a trip with me!!

Popblerd! Presents: The Top 40 Albums of 2010 (40-35)

We’re counting down the Top 40 albums of 2010 on Popblerd. The first installment looks at albums by artists ranging from Rihanna to The XX.

New Release Report 5/4/10: Nineties Redux & An Indie Rock Extravaganza!

I knew which titles I wanted to spotlight today, then I took a look at the list of this week’s releases and realized that there’s, like, 3 million albums coming out today. Then my head exploded. Fortunately, a crack team of scientists was able to locate the part of my brain that retains musical knowledge and typing skills, and I am miraculously able to type up this column for you today. Let’s start with what’s a huge day in the […]