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Why the Hell Should I Like… post-’Thriller’ Michael Jackson? (The Rebuttal)

“Why the hell should I like… ?” is an experiment of sorts between Popblerd and The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit . What we’re going to attempt to do is to pick 10 songs from our favorite artists — one for which the other has professed dislike or disinterest — and show them why they’re wrong. I can’t say exactly why I have never sat down and listened to much of Michael Jackson’s post-Thriller music. It’s not as if he released a ton of records in […]

Jermaine’s Writing a Book? Let’s Get Serious

Yep, you heard it first (well, actually…you probably didn’t hear it first), Jermaine Jackson will be writing a memoir about his brother Michael, to be released this fall. You Are Not Alone: Michael, Through a Brother’s Eyes is the title of the tome, and you have to wonder how much credibility this book is going to have. I mean, let’s face it: Jackson books have generally not been very forthcoming- I’ve read Moonwalk, Michael’s autobiography. I read Katherine’s book. I […]

Hump Day Flashback: “There’ll Never Be”

Today’s Hump Day Flashback pays tribute to the band Switch, a Motown group that marked the first recorded contributions of the DeBarge family.

New Release Report 6/15/10: Let’s Get Drizzy

For the five of you who (like me) haven’t illegally downloaded it off of the internet, Drake’s debut album, “Thank Me Later” is finally released after a year of pre-release buzz. I’ve gotta say, the fact that “Thank” is on the lips of hip-hop fans everywhere is a testament to the marketing team behind Drake, who’ve apparently gotten hip-hop fans everywhere to drink the Kool-Aid and put their marbles behind a a personality-deficient Canadian former child actor with caterpillar eyebrows. […]

Things I Learned From Reading the Michael Jackson Autopsy

Not that I make a habit of reading autopsy reports (because they give me the heebie jeebies), but when posted the MJ autopsy report , I had to look, just out of curiosity. I figured there had to be something either eye-rolling or salacious in the report. So, I read through most of it-I stopped when it looked like there were photographs approaching, because a) I have no desire to see Michael Jackson’s body without clothes on and b) I have no […]