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Blerd Radio Presents: The Jheri Curl Chronicles Podcast (Episode 9)

Blerd Radio Presents: The Jheri Curl Chronicles Podcast (Episode 9)

We’re ringing out 1982 in the latest episode of the Jheri Curl Chronicles podcast. Me and Thomas Inskeep decided to deviate slightly from our 5-songs-at-a-time format last episode so as not to end on a bad Richard “Dimples” Fields-related note. In the interest of…symmetry (I guess?) we decided to complete the year we started in Episode 8, and deliver the last 7 number 1 R&B tracks of the year. Before we jump ahead, have you listened to our previous episodes? […]

The Reality Check – Top 20 American Idol Contestants Of All-Time Part 2

The Reality Check – Top 20 American Idol Contestants Of All-Time Part 2

Tiffany and GG finish up their list of the top 20 American Idol contestants of all-time.

Popblerd's 2012 Grammy Awards Live Blog!

Popblerd’s 2012 Grammy Awards Live Blog!

Hey, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our live blog! Starting at 8 PM EST, we’re going to be hitting you with live coverage of the Adele Awards 2012 Grammy telecast, happening at the Staples Center in L.A. Join us for all of the surprise wins, all of the emotional tributes, and all of the bad outfits!

Chart Stalker: It’s Britney (Again), Bitch!

This week’s Billboard album chart features 5 new albums in the Top Ten, led by Britney Spears. Her seventh studio album, Femme Fatale, opens at the top spot with 276,000 copies sold. On the good side, that represents the second highest first week number of the year so far (narrowly edging out last week’s Chris Brown total). Also on the good side, it’s Britney’s sixth number one album (out of seven releases). On the bad side, it’s the lowest first […]

Spin Cycle: “I Remember Me” by Jennifer Hudson

To say the last few years in Jennifer Hudson’s life have been a whirlwind would be an understatement. Since coming to prominence during the third season of “American Idol”, Hudson won an Academy Award, released her first album, won a Grammy Award, saw two hit singles spin off from the album (which sold over 3/4 of a million records), was crushed by the shocking murders of her mother, brother and nephew, got married (to a fellow reality show contestant), had […]

Chart Stalker 3/30/11: No Such Thing as Bad Press

What brings me to this particular conclusion? The fact that Chris Brown’s F.A.M.E. debuts atop the Billboard 200 album chart this week with the second biggest first week sales of his career. Not even a full-on temper tantrum on the set of “Good Morning America” after being confronted with questions regarding his arrest for assault could stop over 270,0o0 fans from purchasing his album. Interestingly enough, F.A.M.E.‘s first week number is also higher than the first week number for any […]

Chart Stalker 3/23/11: Positively Glee-ful

Here’s your weekly wrap-up on the interesting happenings on the Billboard charts. Top 200 Albums: Adele bounces back to the #1 spot on the Billboard 200 with 21. It’s spent three of it’s first four weeks at the top spot and has easily cruised over 750,000 albums sold. The British songstress adds another 98K to her total this week. Hardcore band Rise Against scores the biggest first week of their career, arriving at #2 with their latest effort, Endgame. It […]

New Release Report 3/22/10: The First Super Tuesday of 2011

Some big name stuff coming out today, so let’s get right to it. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to open your wallets!! Chris Brown “F.A.M.E.”– The acronym in the title stands for “forgiving all my enemies”, which doesn’t exactly put me back on Team CB (well, to be fair, I was never on the dude’s team to begin with). No one forced you to beat the shit out of your girlfriend, doggie. Anyway, considering the barrage of hits he’s had recently […]

Hear Here: Jennifer Hudson’s “Where You At”

It’s been an eventful couple of years for Jennifer Hudson. If placing on “American Idol” and then turning into an Oscar winner wasn’t enough, since the release of her successful debut album, J. Hud has won a Grammy, gotten married, had a baby and lost a shit-ton of weight. On the unfortunate side, she also lost her mother, brother and nephew tragically. I enjoyed her debut album, and I was wondering when she was gonna stop doing Weight Watchers commercials […]

Spin Cycle: Quincy Jones “Soul Bossa Nostra”

The fact that “Soul Bossa Nostra” even exists is a bit confusing to me. Like, did this album need to be made? After all-it basically amounts to a huge slap on the back for Quincy Jones. Not to say he doesn’t deserve props-the man was at the top of his game for the better part of forty years and is an integral part of music history, let alone black music history. But I question the wisdom of letting a who’s […]