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New Release Report 5/3/11: Beastietude

The week’s biggest news is certainly the release of Hot Sauce Committee, Part II , the Beastie Boys’ first non-instrumental album in six years. The longest-running hit making rap act in history, this album has gotten universally solid reviews, proving that Mike D., Ad-Rock and MCA have not lost their mojo even in their mid-forties. However, it’s far from the only thing going on in a crowded new release week. The Beasties will likely be vying for the #1 spot on the album charts with […]

A Double Dose of Beastie Boys

I’ve got to hand it to the Beastie Boys for keeping things interesting for so long. Diversity pays off, and Ad-Rock, MCA and Mike D. have proven to be among the versatile musicians to emerge from hip-hop’s golden age. They can still hold it down as a delightfully old school rap unit, they can rock it out, and they can jam out soul/funk style as well. It’s also interesting how they can maintain their audience despite taking ridiculously long pauses […]