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Blerditorial: On "Baby Got Back", Tipping, and the Slow Death of Civility

Blerditorial: On “Baby Got Back”, Tipping, and the Slow Death of Civility

If you haven’t been on the internet lately — understandable, as it’s as much a barren wasteland of lost souls and vitriol-spewing keyboard activists as it is an information superhighway and social facilitator these days — let me catch you up to speed. The web, torn asunder last week by President Obama saying stuff and Beyonce not singing stuff, was once again divided into two very different factions over a couple of news items that happened to go viral. Now, […]

Chartstalker 4/30/10: Positively "Glee"-Ful

WordPress tells me that my top search term of the day is “Chelsea Lately Sex Tape”. This is weird, because I don’t think I’ve ever written about Chelsea Lately or a sex tape. Anyway, I’m gonna use that as a tag just to see how many more hits I get. However, this column isn’t about search results, either! It’s about the Billboard charts and the fact that the “Glee: Power of Madonna” album enters the Album chart at #1, selling […]