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A Double Dose of Beastie Boys

I’ve got to hand it to the Beastie Boys for keeping things interesting for so long. Diversity pays off, and Ad-Rock, MCA and Mike D. have proven to be among the versatile musicians to emerge from hip-hop’s golden age. They can still hold it down as a delightfully old school rap unit, they can rock it out, and they can jam out soul/funk style as well. It’s also interesting how they can maintain their audience despite taking ridiculously long pauses […]

“Make Some Noise” for the Return of the Beastie Boys!

As one of hip-hop’s longest running hitmaking acts (second only to former labelmate LL Cool J), the Beastie Boys would be totally within their right to rest on their laurels and coast. Thankfully, they’re not-not even after MCA’s cancer scare a couple of years ago. With Hot Sauce Committee, Vol. 2 about a month away from release, the trio has unleashed the first single from the album, “Make Some Noise”. ┬áMike and the Adams aren’t reinventing the wheel at all-it’s […]