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Duran Duran Returns In September With "Paper Gods"

Duran Duran Returns In September With “Paper Gods”

Duran Duran are getting ready to release their first new music in over four years, and we’ve got details!

Mini-bLISTerd: A Tribute to the Style of Nile

Mini-bLISTerd: A Tribute to the Style of Nile

If you like music and you’ve been on the Internet in the past few weeks, you can’t go far without seeing Daft Punk’s name in print. The French dance duo came back in a big way this month with the release of  Random Access Memories , a stirringly retro dance album and their first proper studio album in eight years (a live album and the soundtrack to TRON: Legacy have all appeared in the interim). Deftly zigging where an EDM-fueled crowd expected them to […]

Hashtag, You're It: Eight Examples of Outdated Tech in Pop Music

Hashtag, You’re It: Eight Examples of Outdated Tech in Pop Music

15 years from now, someone will pull this article up and ask “What’s a blog?”

John Taylor's In The Pleasure Groove: Book Review

John Taylor’s In The Pleasure Groove: Book Review

Duran Duran’s John Taylor joins the club of rock star autobiographies with “In the Pleasure Groove.” Is the bassist’s memoir worth reading?

bLISTerd Presents: The Top 100 Albums of The Eighties (30-21)

bLISTerd Presents: The Top 100 Albums of The Eighties (30-21)

Our latest installment of the ’80s best albums includes The Boss (twice,) The Cure, and pop/soul icon George Michael. We still have “Faith.”

The Blerd13 (Lite) with…Hank & Cupcakes!

2012 is shaping up to be one of the best years for emerging new artists. One such “emerging new artist” you should know about is Hank And Cupcakes who are about to release their debut full-length NAKED following a scorching EP and their unprecedented, much talked about live shows. They chatted with The Blerd13 recently via email to fill you in on their origins and to tell you why they are a band you need to know about yesterday: 1. First off, listening […]

Blerd Radio – 2011 Year End Podcast

If you haven’t seen the Popblerd Staff’s Best Of Music 2011 list, check it out . Big Money and I discussed this list in the year end edition of Blerd Radio. We go over the top 40 albums of the year and discuss our thoughts of where certain albums landed. Did Bon Iver deserve to be our top album of the year? What kind of songs will Adele write in five years? Do the Beastie Boys deserve to be so high on the […]

bLISTerd Presents: Mike A's Top 11 Albums of 2011

bLISTerd Presents: Mike A’s Top 11 Albums of 2011

I think I listened to more new albums in 2011 than any other year of my life. Between searching for quality releases to review for my own blog and being asked to contribute to Popblerd!, my quest to find new music easily took me through a few hundred albums. Some I couldn’t make it past more than a couple songs before I knew it wasn’t for me. There were plenty of disappointments and yes, I’m looking at you Coldplay. Some […]

The Viewfinder: Duran Duran’s “Girl Panic!”

In much the same way All You Need is Now marked a return to the sound that made Duran Duran household names in the early Eighties, the video for “Girl Panic!” marks a return to the types of videos that made the Durannies the first ever “MTV band”. Of course, there’s no longer a vehicle like MTV for Duran Duran to dominate, so maybe “Girl Panic!” just appeals to the nostalgist in me. But shit, this might be the best video these guys have made […]

Spin Cycle: William Shatner’s “Seeking Major Tom”

There’s nothing inherently offensive about William Shatner’s music career. His style is innately silly, sure – generally speaking, spoken-word recitations of pop songs strung over bombastic instrumentals – but it’s difficult to begrudge him his moment in the musical spotlight, given his hammy seriousness. The former Captain Kirk attacks pop tunes as though they were Shakespeare monologues (or, in the case of his first musical outing, 1968’s The Transformed Man, because they’re Shakespeare monologues). The amount of sheer, campy, go-for-broke melodrama […]

“Put The Needle on The Record” And Enjoy This Book of ’80s Photography (Reading is Fundamental)

Now that vinyl is making a comeback, it’s good to see folks appreciating the art of the album cover again, even though a recent article I read somewhere (and am too lazy to cite for reference) says that album art is shrinking as we move further into the digital age. Matthew Chojnacki’s new book, “Put The Needle On The Record”, takes us back to the glory days of the eighties, when not only album art was the rage, but many […]

Simon’s Back!: Duran Duran Announce Fall Tour Dates

Yeah, it’s been a hot minute since we professed our love for Duran Duran, but that doesn’t mean that the Fab Five Four Two Three Five Four haven’t been on our minds. Quite the contrary, actually. All You Need is Now is still in heavy rotation as one of our, and we tried (in vain) to get tickets to what we were told was an amazing club show at the Royale in Boston earlier this year. We got a huge scare when Duran lead singer […]