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Rejoining Team Moby for “Destroyed”

The more I read about Moby’s Destroyed project, the more interested I am in it. The album, which has a May 17th release date, will be accompanied by a book of photographs Moby took while touring the world. He seems like a guy who’d have a good eye for photos (whatever that means), and although I don’t buy photo books as a matter of course, I’m sure the book will be entertaining to those who do. You might wanna check […]

“Be the One” to Get Free Music from Moby

You know how I know I’m spoiled? I downloaded the Be the One EP from Moby’s website a few days ago and caught myself getting pissed because it was only three songs! I had to remind myself, “dude, it’s FREE!!” The ubiquity of Moby’s breakout album, Play (just about every song was licensed to a TV show or commercial of some sort) is now over a decade behind us (and the fact that the album’s still enjoyable after all of that […]