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Drake's "5 AM in Toronto": Emo Rapper Attacks!

Drake’s “5 AM in Toronto”: Emo Rapper Attacks!

C’mon son!!!

bLISTerd Presents: The 100 Greatest Rap Albums Of All Time (Part 7)

bLISTerd Presents: The 100 Greatest Rap Albums Of All Time (Part 7)

Three of these men appear in this installment of our hip-hop albums list. I’ll let you guess which one doesn’t belong.

bLISTerd Presents: The 100 Greatest Rap Albums of All Time (Part One)

bLISTerd Presents: The 100 Greatest Rap Albums of All Time (Part One)

Popblerd’s list of the best rap albums of all time kicks off with classics from Queen Latifah, The Roots and Organized Konfusion! Plus, an underlooked (IMO) album from OutKast!

Kanye Leads Nominees For The 2012 BET Awards

Kanye Leads Nominees For The 2012 BET Awards

Yeezy scores 7 nominations for this year’s BET Awards. His homie Jay-Z is up next with six. Read on to find out who else got nominated.

Spin Cycle: Gift of Gab's "The Next Logical Progression"

Spin Cycle: Gift of Gab’s “The Next Logical Progression”

It’s a bit hard to believe that hip-hop, as a genre, is old enough for grumpy old men to number among its ranks; it’s even harder to believe that it’s been a decade since the heyday of Quannum, the collective that counted Blackalicious, Latyrx, and Pigeon John as decorated members. I remember reviewing music in 2002, the year Blackalicious’ Blazing Arrow¬†was released; I’d become so enamored with the album that I wrote a gimmicky concept review of it in my […]

bLISTerd: The Top Ten Albums Of The '00s

bLISTerd: The Top Ten Albums Of The ’00s

We’ve finally hit the jackpot. The 10 best albums of the ’00s, as voted by the Popblerd staff. Amy Winehouse made the list, who else is here?

bLISTerd: The 100 Best Albums of the '00s (60-51)

bLISTerd: The 100 Best Albums of the ’00s (60-51)

We’re almost at the halfway point on our list of the 100 best albums of the ’00s. Check out where we placed albums by Spoon, Talib Kweli and Common.

The Popblerd Chart Report 12/30/11: Adele's Biggest Week Ever

The Popblerd Chart Report 12/30/11: Adele’s Biggest Week Ever

Well, folks: we’re about to wrap up the chart year. There’s only one week left, and industry watchers are on the edge of their collective seats, wondering if music sales will actually increase over the year before. As we headed into late fall, that looked like a sure thing, as sales of albums were trending at about 4% over 2010. However, a 4th quarter schedule devoid of blockbuster releases a la Taylor Swift and Kanye West last year has narrowed […]

Spin Cycle: Common's "The Dreamer/The Believer"

Spin Cycle: Common’s “The Dreamer/The Believer”

Has Common regained his footing with his new album “The Dreamer, The Believer”? Read our review and find out!

The Viewfinder: Common's "Sweet"

The Viewfinder: Common’s “Sweet”

Dear Rashid, You fell off. That Universal Mind Control album? Garbage. And that shit hurt my heart. Your career trajectory was inspiring, to say the least. Fifteen years after your debut, you were just reaching the apex of your powers circa Be. Prior to that, you’d released one of the most adventurous albums in modern hip-hop history, Electric Circus. Props for that one, too. But man, listening to you spit over warmed over Neptunes beats…it was like if LL had […]

Blerd Briefs: Sly’s Back (?), Common Switches Labels & Doughty Goes On Tour!

In “News You Never Expected to Receive”, how about this one? Sly & the Family Stone are releasing a new album! Well…sort of. I’m Back! Family and Friends is the title of the Sly & the Family Stone album being released on August 16th. It’s the first album released by Sly in nearly thirty years. The album consists of re-workings of Sly classics like “Everyday People” and “Stand!”, as well as three new songs. If you can only come up […]

Award Show Sundays: The Wrath of Kane

In a way, it’s kind of sad that the network that threw the gauntlet down for quality hip-hop programming was VH-1. After all, when the genre was in full flower, VH-1 was probably best known for throwing down Air Supply and Lionel Richie videos. However, by the time the 21st century rolled around, the network had made it’s peace with the genre, and when they rolled out their annual Hip-Hop Honors program, they not only staked their claim as a […]