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Hey, What's Chris Collingwood Been Up To?

Hey, What’s Chris Collingwood Been Up To?

Chris Collingwood of Fountains of Wayne has a brand new project out, and you should listen to it.

The Viewfinder: “A Road Song” by Fountains Of Wayne

Man, Fountains of Wayne have been peeling videos from the Sky Full Of Holes album like no one’s business. “A Road Song” is the fourth clip to be taken from this excellent album, and while it doesn’t offer much in the way of groundbreaking visuals (it’s a fairly prototypical “on the road” video), “A Road Song”, in my humble opinion, is the album’s best song. While employing the smart-assery that is Fountains’ trademark, the song actually has a poignant strain to it. It’s a […]

The Viewfinder: “The Summer Place” by Fountains of Wayne

Technically, we’re still looking at a little over a week of summer left. So it’s not *too* odd for Fountains of Wayne to just now release their video for “The Summer Place”, right? Adam, Chris and the guys have spent most of the past couple of months touring behind their excellent new release “Sky Full of Holes” , so maybe it was just a situation where the guys had plans to release the video earlier and just never got around to filming it? Yeah, […]

Spin Cycle: Fountains of Wayne’s “Sky Full of Holes”

Check out our review of Fountains of Wayne’s fantastic new album “Sky Full of Holes”.

New Release Report 8/2/11: Fountains of Wayne Return and More!

One thing the sky is definitely not full of this week is CD releases. The past couple of weeks have been pretty quiet. Last week’s release schedule got a little smaller thanks to the mysterious disappearance of Odd Future member Frank Ocean’s album, and this week is another fairly blah affair. Thank goodness there’s Fountains of Wayne to give us a musical glass of water in this desert of a release schedule (strained metaphors anyone?) Sky Full of Holes is […]

An Hour (& a Half) of Power (Pop) with Fountains of Wayne

I owe my love of Fountains of Wayne to a decision to go to Wendy’s. I was sitting in a booth, enjoying a late lunch one day, when “Hey Julie” came on the PA. Immediately taken with the song, I got back to my office, Googled the song lyrics and realized…I already owned it. “Welcome Interstate Managers”, the band’s third album, had found it’s way into my record collection several months before, and I’d never given it a truly thorough […]