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Roundball Soundoff - Game 7

Roundball Soundoff – Game 7

Jay and GG have a conversation about game seven of the NBA Finals.

Roundball Soundoff – Poptificating On The 2013 NBA Finals

Roundball Soundoff – Poptificating On The 2013 NBA Finals

Tim Duncan is looking for ring number five. LeBron James is looking for ring number two. Who will prevail?

Roundball Soundoff - The Lyin' King

Roundball Soundoff – The Lyin’ King

My name ain’t Jay , but I hope I can sound off on hoops as good as my man can. Being tied 2-2 in the Eastern Conference Finals is a good spot to be in when you’re coming home to play game five. But if you lose game five and have to play the elimination game on the road, it’s nearly disastrous. That’s how quickly things can change in the NBA playoffs. Not even the good job, good effort kid can […]

Roundball Soundoff: Championship Edition Part 2

You can check out Part 1 here . Now for the losers, the Miami Heat: Dwyane Wade – Wasn’t the same after his hip injury, but was the main reason the Heat were so close to winning this series. He was the best player on the team for the first five games. Looked like Dwyane was getting pretty frustrated with LeBron and I don’t blame him, he took his game to an even higher level in the finals and sacrificed his […]

Roundball Soundoff 12/27/10: Do You Believe in Magic?

This week’s Roundball Soundoff looks at the surprising resurgence of the Orlando Magic as well as the defending champs’ Christmas Day spanking at the hands of the Miami Heat.

A Quick Word About LeBron Going to Miami

We live in a different time. Team loyalty is a thing of the past. While there’s a lot to be said for the general classiness of players who stay with one team for their entire career, also let it be known that it works both ways. For every Derek Jeter, there’s a Kobe Bryant. LeBron gave the city of Cleveland and the Cavaliers a good run. He’s not obligated to stay with the team if he feels like he has […]