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10 Yard Fight - Divisional Round Playoff Predictions

10 Yard Fight – Divisional Round Playoff Predictions

KJ and GG preview the divisional round of the NFL playoffs.

10 Yard Fight - Ranking Quarterbacks 25 Years Or Younger

10 Yard Fight – Ranking Quarterbacks 25 Years Or Younger

We rank to top 25 and under quarterbacks in the NFL today.

10 Yard Fight – The Road To The Super Bowl

If you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan, you’re upset that your team held their destiny in their own hands and laid another egg on Sunday Night Football, falling to the New York Giants. The Giants continue on while the Cowboys go home. If you’re an Oakland Raiders fan, you’re upset because you needed the Denver Broncos to lose and they did, and yet, you couldn’t beat the San Diego Chargers to win the AFC West. The Broncos continue on while the […]

10 Yard Fight - 58 Seconds

10 Yard Fight – 58 Seconds

Aaron Rodgers is the man, and more…in this week’s 10 Yard Fight column.

10 Yard Fight – Suck For Luck

The race for Andrew Luck in the NFL draft is in full effect. Which team increased their chances by sucking this week? GG has the scoop.

10 Yard Fight – Jim Harbaugh Vs. Jim Schwartz

The Detroit Lions hosted the San Francisco 49ers in a big game for two teams who have been historically bad lately. The media was making plans for the Lions to beat the 49ers and be on their way for an undefeated vs. undefeated match-up on Thanksgiving Day with the Green Bay Packers. But the Lions couldn’t put away the 49ers on Sunday. However, the big story wasn’t the game or the outcome because of what happened after. After the game […]

10 Yard Fight – Just Win, Baby

On Saturday morning, I received word from the Twitter world that Raiders’ owner and NFL renegade Al Davis passed away. When I was younger and watching games on TV, I’d always see Davis in his luxury box watching the games. Of late, I didn’t see him often and when I did, he looked unlike the legendary figure with the slicked back black hair and white track suit. He just looked like an older person. All of our football heroes will […]

10 Yard Fight – The Facts Of Life

On Showtime’s Inside The NFL, Chris Collinsworth brought up a conversation he had with Hall of Famer Rod Woodson who is now on the coaching staff of the Oakland Raiders. Rod said with the elimination of 2-a-days, teams lose the ability to tell who the tough guys were. Warren Sapp said he loved how great the QBs were in week one, but defensive timing was off. I think he was alluding to the idea that defensive guys are the tough […]

10 Yard Fight – Shootout!

I think Thursday’s opening night shootout between the Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints affirmed three things for us: Because of the lockout, veteran teams that didn’t change head coaches and didn’t have a lot of player turnover are going to do very well this season. The Packers don’t have a Super Bowl hangover and could have one of the best offensive years in recent memory. Red zone offense is where it’s at. The Packers were 4-4 in red […]

10 Yard Fight – Are You Ready For Some Football?

The 2011 NFL season is nearly upon us. I do that Sweet Chin Muzak baseball column on this great website, so I figured that a NFL column was a natural progression. The column will be published on Sunday night/Monday morning and will discuss ten of the ongoings of the Sunday games. There will also be a heavy Fantasy Football slant to the column since I love me some Fantasy Football almost as much as Terrell “I love me some me” Owens loves himself. […]