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The Blerd Radio Podcast 2016 | Episode 11: "Speaking In Tongues"

The Blerd Radio Podcast 2016 | Episode 11: “Speaking In Tongues”

Get your big suit on and join me, Dr. Z and Michael Parr for the latest episode of the Blerd Radio podcast. In this installment, the three of us are talking about 1983’s Speaking In Tongues, the most commercially successful studio album by new wave legends Talking Heads. A million-seller, Tongues was an MTV favorite that spawned the quartet’s only top ten pop single, “Burning Down The House”. It also spawned a host of warmly remembered songs that have become […]

Blerd Radio 2015 | Episode 13: Another Hall of Fame-Cast

Blerd Radio 2015 | Episode 13: Another Hall of Fame-Cast

Hello and welcome to another episode of Blerd Radio! In 2013 and 2014, we took time to talk about the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, its induction process, and that year’s crop of nominees. While there was talk about retiring the Hall of Fame-cast this year, 2015’s crop of nominees resulted in some of our most spirited conversation to date. Of course it helps that the gang’s all here: so join myself ( Big Money ),  Dr. ZMichael Parr  and  Mike Cunningham The Packet Man  for an episode […]

Popblerd's New Release Report 4/8/13

Popblerd’s New Release Report 4/8/13

Another Tuesday, another bunch of great new releases!

Dido, Girl Who Got Away: Spin Cycle

Dido, Girl Who Got Away: Spin Cycle

As a massive fan of her brother Rollo’s band Faithless, I was well aware of Dido a few years before she enjoyed incredible success as a solo artist. Starting with their 1997 release Reverence, Dido handled lead vocals on at least one song of every Faithless album until the electronic legends called it quits in 2010. After obtaining a pre-release sampler of her solo music in 1999, my anticipation for Dido’s No Angel was probably as high as anyone in […]

New Release Report 7/5/11: Banging the Doldrums

Well, if you’re looking for a record-release bonanza to follow your gluttonous intake of grilled goods yesterday…you might want to look elsewhere. The release schedule for July 5th is incredibly light. I suppose everyone’s taking a break at the midway point of the year. Ain’t nothing wrong with that, right? If anyone has anything to say about the fact that I quoted Fall Out Boy in the title of today’s column, the comments area is below. At any rate, this […]