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The Jheri Curl Chronicles Radio Show Pays Tribute To New Jack Swing

The Jheri Curl Chronicles Radio Show Pays Tribute To New Jack Swing

It’s a new jack party on the latest JCC radio show! This mix features Bobby, Guy, Janet and more!

The Singles Bar: Under The Covers

The Singles Bar: Under The Covers

Cover and be covered! Lana Del Rey finds herself on both ends of the spectrum in the latest “Singles Bar” column.

Hump Day Flashback: Of Time, Clocks and Hearts

Reading my friend Mike’s Back Tracks column on Culture Club on his website The Second Disc got me thinking about how it’s a shame that Boy George will probably be remembered more for his outrageous image, general bitchassness and criminal behavior than for his beautiful voice. Although that voice has grown a bit of a rough edge over the years (see his recent turn on Mark Ronson’s album for proof, in his heyday, he was one of the smoothest pop/soul singers around, with a voice that […]

A Satisfying (But Not Groundbreaking) Look Into Mark Ronson’s “Record Collection”

It must be nice to have Mark Ronson’s Rolodex. Well, it would be if people still used Rolodexes. His stepdad is Foreigner’s Mick Jones. He’s been buds with Sean Lennon since childhood. He’s a celebrity DJ of note, and he’s also a Grammy-winning producer (Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black”), whose first couple of albums boasted collaborations with everyone from Ghostface Killah and Anthony Hamilton to Robbie Williams and Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Ronson’s third album, [amazon-product text=”Record Collection”” tracking_id=”popblerdcom-20″ type=”text”]B003LPUM5Y[/amazon-product]  (actually […]

New Release Report 9/28/10: Walking Down “Lonely Avenue” with Ben Folds

When I saw Ben Folds in concert earlier this year, he noted that the album he’d been working on with British author Nick Hornby had been completed, and I was super intrigued. I’m a pretty major Folds fan, and “High Fidelity” has long been on the list of my favorite books and films (and I also picked up “Long Way Down” over the summer…it was a great read). The one song that Folds played from the collaboration that night was […]

Blerd Appreciation: Malcolm McLaren

Malcolm McLaren, who passed away today, is best known for managing The Sex Pistols. He was pretty much one of the creators of the Seventies punk image. Although I find “Never Mind the Bollocks…” virtually unlistenable, there’s no way that I would deny the impact it had on music and pop culture in general. McLaren also discovered Bow Wow Wow and Boy George, thus being an integral part of the “second British invasion” in the Eighties. However, I hear the […]