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Bon Iver, "Come Talk To Me:" The Singles Bar Review

Bon Iver, “Come Talk To Me:” The Singles Bar Review

So back in 2010, Peter Gabriel tackled versions of songs by the likes of Bon Iver, Arcade Fire, Regina Spektor and others with the help of his ‘New Blood Orchestra.’  In theory, it sounded like a nifty idea – especially when it was coached by the fact that Gabriel authorized a companion or follow-up piece where those same artists would have an opportunity to return the favor.  Hence the respective titles of Scratch My Back (2010) and now …And I’ll […]

The Shouting Matches, Grownass Man: Album Review

The Shouting Matches, Grownass Man: Album Review

Musical anonymity can be a funny thing. Justin Vernon, the neo-folk mastermind behind Bon Iver, isn’t going completely incognito by stepping out with a few friends to record a loose-limbed garage-blues record, but it’s something of a musical disguise nevertheless; his ethereal, crooning falsetto replaced with a gnarled, expressive wail, one could easily mistake his vocals on The Shouting Matches’ Grownass Man for the work of… of anyone else, really. Take your pick. But that’s not to say that Grownass […]

Iron & Wine, Ghost on Ghost: Album Review

Iron & Wine, Ghost on Ghost: Album Review

It’s interesting that being a fan of Iron & Wine isn’t necessarily a prerequisite for enjoying (or not enjoying, for that matter) Sam Beam’s latest album, Ghost on Ghost. Artistic evolution (and devolution) happens all the time — how different could Ghost on Ghost be? Well, for longtime fans of the hirsute folkie, the answer is: very. Beam — who performs as Iron & Wine — made his reputation on a host of recordings that caused the rock-crit elite to […]

The Viewfinder: Kanye West's "Lost In The World"

The Viewfinder: Kanye West’s “Lost In The World”

Kanye’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” spins off yet another video. Check out the clip for “Lost In The World.”

The Idiot Box: Guess Who Came To Visit Blue Ivy On “SNL?”?

Unfortunately, I missed the most recent episode of “SNL.” Maya Rudolph hosted, and it seems like she did a really good job. Anyway, the skit that made the most noise found Maya playing new mom Beyonce Knowles. She and Jay Pharoah (doing a note-perfect Jay-Z impression even though there’s no resemblance whatsoever) entertain a who’s who of celebrities into their home to meet Blue Ivy. Fred Armisen is great as Prince, and Kristen Wiig does Taylor Swift’s surprise face to […]

Popblerd's 2012 Grammy Awards Live Blog!

Popblerd’s 2012 Grammy Awards Live Blog!

Hey, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our live blog! Starting at 8 PM EST, we’re going to be hitting you with live coverage of the Adele Awards 2012 Grammy telecast, happening at the Staples Center in L.A. Join us for all of the surprise wins, all of the emotional tributes, and all of the bad outfits!

Popblerd's 2012 Grammy Preview & Predictions: General Field

Popblerd’s 2012 Grammy Preview & Predictions: General Field

Will Adele sweep Record, Song & Album of the Year? See what we think.

The Viewfinder: Bon Joviver’s “You Give Love A Bad Name”

Here at Popblerd, we enjoy using our Viewfinder and Singles Bar columns to highlight new and exciting tracks for your listening pleasure. We also like drawing attention to videos that make music nerds giggle. Bon Joviver falls into the latter category. As it turns out, Bon Joviver is exactly what it sounds like: an uncannily accurate facsimile of the bearded folkie who made Popblerd’s Top Album of 2011, singing the irrepressible New Jersey rocker’s mega-hit “You Give Love A Bad […]

Blerd Radio – 2011 Year End Podcast

If you haven’t seen the Popblerd Staff’s Best Of Music 2011 list, check it out . Big Money and I discussed this list in the year end edition of Blerd Radio. We go over the top 40 albums of the year and discuss our thoughts of where certain albums landed. Did Bon Iver deserve to be our top album of the year? What kind of songs will Adele write in five years? Do the Beastie Boys deserve to be so high on the […]

bLISTerd: The Popblerd Staff Presents The Best Music of 2011…And Some Playlists!!

We’ve spent much of the past week looking back at the year that was, with many of the writers on staff posting their lists of their 11 favorite albums of 2011. Everything from indie rock to hip-hop got mentioned, and every writer that contributed an individual list (and a couple that didn’t) ranked their albums. Those rankings were then compiled and the result…a quick and dirty list of the site’s 40 favorite albums of the year. Suck it, Billboard! 1) […]

bLISTerd Presents: Mike A's Top 11 Albums of 2011

bLISTerd Presents: Mike A’s Top 11 Albums of 2011

I think I listened to more new albums in 2011 than any other year of my life. Between searching for quality releases to review for my own blog and being asked to contribute to Popblerd!, my quest to find new music easily took me through a few hundred albums. Some I couldn’t make it past more than a couple songs before I knew it wasn’t for me. There were plenty of disappointments and yes, I’m looking at you Coldplay. Some […]

bLISTerd Presents: Stephen's Top 11 Albums of 2011

bLISTerd Presents: Stephen’s Top 11 Albums of 2011

As someone who usually finds himself spinning the same couple dozen favorites over and over again, joining the Popblerd! team gave me new reason to leave my musical bubble and dive head first into the year’s new music. Needless to say, it was a wonderful experience. I ended up with over thirty albums all told in my final tally of the year’s best, but like any bad parent, I was able to pick favorites. So without further ado, here are […]